Forklift trucks – the safe choice for internal logistics

When it comes to forklifts, Linde is in a league of its own. For several decades, Linde has set the standard for forklifts all over the world, and are the brand behind a number of groundbreaking technologies to ensure efficient transportation of materials and products.

Linde offers custom-built forklift solutions for all kinds of logistics tasks in all types of business and all imaginable work situations. Regardless of whether your energy source is gas, diesel, electricity, hydrogen or something different.

Common to all Linde forklifts is the integrated quality that makes them productive, safe and ergonomical.

No other forklift can match them when it comes to being the most innovative, versatile and virtually indestructible workhorse in the warehouse, the production line or outside in the delivery yard.

With the Linde 12XX series, previous distinctions between the classic combustion truck (IC Truck) and the electric forklift are blurred. Linde 12XX is a complete series of redesigned 4WD forklift trucks that are created on a common and scalable platform, in principal irrespective of the energy source.

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Linde electric forklift trucks

Linde offers a comprehensive range of electric forklift trucks that can handle capacities between 1,000 and 8,000 kg. Their strength lies particularly in their precision and flexibility, which gives them optimal handling performance. Linde has developed a powerful drive technology with anti-spin regulation for lifting and ease of use in goods transport. All electric-powered Linde forklift trucks are user-friendly and come with a maintenance-free, compact shaft, which makes it possible for the operator to perform manoeuvres with millimetre precision.

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Linde combustion forklift trucks

With its internal combustion forklift trucks, Linde has been setting the standard for productivity and efficiency for years. The portfolio of combustion forklifts covers lifting capacities between 1.4 and 18 tonnes. The combination of hydrostatic drive, dual pedal system and Linde Load Control makes it possible for the operator to perform any lifts and manoeuvring with optimal precision. The efficient power transfer and intelligent controls ensure that the combustion forklift always has plenty of energy available.

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