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Linde - the best forklift trucks and warehouse machines in the world

Linde Material Handling with its headquarters in Aschaffenburg in Germany is the market leader in Europe and one of the worlds' leading manufacturers of forklifts, stackers, container trucks etc. Linde trucks are manufactured in various countries, including Germany and England. Worldwide, Linde Material Handling has a staff of approx. 13,500 employees.

Since 1973, N.C. Nielsen has sold more than 60,000 Linde machines. German Linde is considered state-of-the-art worldwide, and Linde is launching a number of product innovations to improve the machines in terms of safety, environmentally friendly

energy, driver comfort, lifting capacity, design etc. Linde constantly develops new technologies and technical innovation to solve modern and complex warehouse and logistics challenges.

N.C. Nielsen offers the entire Linde product range with more than 77 different models. Linde warehouse technology provides electric pallet stackers, pallet lifters and reach trucks etc. to make warehouse and picking tasks more efficient. There is also a wide range of forklift trucks and tow tractors.

We are always ready to develop customised solutions based on Linde


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