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Konecranes reach stackers

The Superior Solution for Heavy Handling

Welcome to NC-Nielsen, where we proudly represent the leading manufacturer in lifting equipment - Konecranes. Here we introduce our most efficient and reliable reachstacker, the Konecranes reachstacker, designed for your specific logistic needs.

Efficiency and Reliability

Konecranes reachstacker is renowned for its efficiency and reliability. These powerful machines ensure maximum productivity with minimal downtime. Whether you are working in ports, intermodal facilities, or heavy industry, the Konecranes reachstacker provides the operational efficiency and reliability you need.

Unique Design and Functionality

Konecranes reachstacker is designed with the user's comfort in mind. The spacious and well-equipped driver's cabin provides an excellent view of the working area, ensuring both efficiency and safety. Moreover, the powerful engines and advanced hydraulics contribute to smooth and efficient operations.

Green Technology

Konecranes recognizes the importance of sustainability and has therefore constructed their reachstacker with a focus on environmentally friendly technology. Their lifting equipment is designed to minimize fuel consumption and the emission of harmful substances, making them a green choice for your business.

Service and Support

At NC-Nielsen, we prioritize customer service. That's why our team of experienced technicians is ready to provide unparalleled service and support for your Konecranes reachstacker. Whether it's routine maintenance or emergency situations, we are here to help. Don't miss the chance to enhance your business's productivity and efficiency with Konecranes reachstacker. Contact us for more information about our product range or book a demonstration today.