Since the beginning of 2017, N.C. Nielsen has distributed the fully automated Allison transmissions in Denmark, on the Faroe Islands and in Greenland. The renowned company Allison was established in the US in 1915 and invented the first powerful and fully automated gear box in the world. The company still has a global market leader position in this area.

N.C. Nielsen services the fully automated Allison transmissions, which are installed in trucks, busses, excavators, terminal tractors and other rolling stock. Already today, Terberg YT terminal tractors are equipped with Allison transmissions, so the advanced technology is not completely unknown for N.C. Nielsen.

The partnership between Allison and N.C. Nielsen mainly concerns the service and support function which N.C. Nielsen offers all company clients – mainly with the assistance of the more than 100 competent service engineers who are on the road every day. Some of our service engineers have been specially trained in performing the demanding assignments with Allison transmission.

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