The concept ”Terberg Approved” is an entirely new approach to buying used terminal tractors. Now you can buy completely and thoroughly renovated Terberg terminal tractors which are as good as new, both on the inside and on the outside.

”Terberg Approved” builds on the well-known quality and reliability of Terberg terminal tractors. It is a part of our concept that we handpick machinery which subsequently undergoes thorough renovation. The major parts of the machine are separated, and all worn or defect parts are replaced. The end result is that Approved machines have a look and feel, as if they were new. 

The process is finalised with an in-depth quality control and possibly a check-up of the terminal tractor. Everything at a price level that makes it worth considering using ”Terberg Approved” instead of buying new machines.


Terberg Approved targets businesses who prioritise high reliability and the driver’s comfort in relation to trailer handling and other forms of heavy logistics. Now they can fulfil the client’s wish, even if the assignment’s volume and character does not justify the immediate investment in a machine fresh from the factory.


The renovation of the used Terberg machines is carried out by N.C. Nielsen’s Polish partner for years in this area, who already renovates hundreds of used Linde fork trucks for the firm every single year.

- The final quality control takes place in our workshop, where we also prepare the machine for a check-up and draft the main inspection report, which functions as a detailed product declaration on every Approved machine, says Lars Vernegaard.