N.C. Nielsen focuses intensively on batteries as a natural consequence of the constant progress in the field of battery technology and the increased environmental demands. We have worked in the fields of electric trucks and batteries for more than 40 years and followed the evolution since the first Linde electric truck, so we know the area inside out.

We can offer comprehensive battery solutions with chargers from some of the leading manufacturers in the world. We can also offer the required capacity and know how to create customised, effective battery and recharge solutions which fulfil the needs of the company. Everything is backed up by a service offer with national coverage which increases the battery performance and life cycle. 

N.C. Nielsen is the exclusive distributor of industrial batteries from TAB. The product range covers all truck models. The TAB technology ensures the battery a longer life cycle and truck-driving time. That means less inconvenience, lower operational costs and a better investment.


N.C. Nielsen focuses strongly on the battery area as a natural consequence of the constant advances in battery technology and the increased environmental requirements. We have dealt with electric trucks and batteries for more than 40 years and have followed the development from the first Linde electric truck and know what is involved.

Batteries are today the most widely used fuel for machines for internal transport. That's why you never go in vain at N.C. Nielsen We work hard to deliver optimal battery solutions every time.

  • We have a complete range of high-quality batteries that cover all machine types and brands, from large electric trucks to smaller electric vehicles in other industries, e.g. golf carts and ships. We always have a range of standard batteries in stock for quick delivery.
  • Fast delivery also applies to special batteries. We tailor individual battery solutions from scratch in our own workshop.

    At N.C. Nielsen, we produce our own Lithium-ION batteries - This means that we are able deliver an eco-friendly energy source for all types of machines.