Focus on safety, health and welfare


N.C. Nielsen A/S wants to come across as a company openly focusing on improving working conditions in all relevant areas. Our employees are an essential resource and we wish for them to thrive. We have a working environment organisation with the objective of ensuring the employees' safety, health and welfare. This organisation handles prevention of work accidents, work-related injuries and occupational disease.


  • To ensure that all employees are able to perform their work safely in terms of safety and health;
  • To prevent physical and mental disabilities, work-related accidents and absence caused by the working environment;
  • To ensure healthy work stations focussing on presence, welfare and development;
  • To ensure that the company's working environment initiatives exceed the requirements of the law and are constantly improved;
  • To include considerations of the working environment when changing work planning;
  • To support our working environment policy by sub-policies in relevant areas.

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