Lys øger din sikkerhed


Lights increase your safety

Lights in any working area automatically make load handling more efficient and safe. The formula is quite simple: improved visibility gives increased safety, thus less damage to racks, equipment, pallets and products. Regardless of the industry or the kind of goods that are moved. An illuminated working area obviously also adds to the sense of feeling safe for operators, employees and visitors at the warehouse.

  • Linde VertiLight
  • Linde LED-strips
  • Linde TruckSpot
  • Linde BlueSpot / RedSpot
  • Linde Warning Lines
  • Interaktiv Advarselsvest
  • Stationær Advarselsprojektor

Linde VertiLight

Fantastisk belysning af truckens arbejdsområde.

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Linde LED-strips

Optimeret trucklys for og bag.

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Linde TruckSpot

Linde TruckSpot advarselslys kan afværge de kritiske situationer.

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Linde BlueSpot / RedSpot

Linde BlueSpot er et enkelt, driftssikkert og fleksibelt sikkerheds-system.

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Linde Warning Lines

Linde Warning Lines er et enkelt, driftssikkert og fleksibelt sikkerheds-system.

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Interaktiv Advarselsvest

Den interaktive advarselsvest er den seneste tilføjelse til Lindes innovative Safety Guard-system. Vestens design betyder, at når man tager den på, bliver både gaffeltruckførere og fodgængere advaret om potentielle farer ved hjælp af lyssignaler, vibrationer og akustiske advarsler og maksimerer dermed sikkerheden både indendørs og udendørs.

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Stationær Advarselsprojektor

Advarselsprojektoren giver mange smarte løsninger, f.eks. når den bruges i kombination med Linde Safety Guard eller rulledøre.
Den stationære advarselsprojektor er designet til brug i indendørs i produktions og lagerfaciliteter.

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Linde safety Guard

Linde's vision is to reduce the number of work-related accidents to zero. Therefore, Linde has spent years developing innovative safety initiatives such as the Linde Safety Guard which prevents running over persons and colliding with material on a busy day. All relevant persons/machines are equipped with a sensor, and a display in the truck shows the truck driver whether anyone is near the truck. Linde Zone Intelligence adds yet a layer to truck safety and uses advanced technology to prevent accidents.


Linde’s intelligent Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) has been developed for quick, safe and accurate pallet handling with reach trucks. The system stabilises each lift, and the result is minimal vertical oscillations when pallets are placed or retrieved from the racks.


Linde constantly works intensely to optimise the design of their vehicles in relation to safety and working environment. Part of that is intelligent assistance systems that relieve the pressure on the truck driver and support work with warnings or actively intervene in critical situations. An example is Linde Load Management Advanced.


The concept is not only to contribute to reducing truck accidents but also to increase efficiency at the warehouse - thanks to relevant information which the truck driver will receive while driving.

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