At N.C. Nielsen, we are constantly working to improve and to meet the various requirements for work processes and quality assurance in our industries. That's why we are proud to present our certificates.

ISO 14001

At N.C. Nielsen, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously and want to minimise our environmental impact. That's why we were certified acc. to ISO 14001 in 2013, the world's most widely used environmental management standard.

During our certification process, our energy consumption, waste management, use of chemicals, etc. were carefully mapped. In line with ISO 14001, we have subsequently set up various environmental goals intended to reduce our fuel consumption and energy consumption per employee in the future, etc.

See our ISO 14001 certificate here


N.C. Nielsen A/S wants to be the preferred supplier in the fork truck business and is fully certified by Achilles under supplier number 251460.

Achilles Services is a database and a qualification system under Achilles which can be used by buyers to collect and process supplier information and risk in relation to purchases. As an Achilles-certified supplier, N.C. Nielsen A/S has been through quality control in relation to quality, health, safety and environment and the financial ratios. This ensures that potential and existing clients can access relevant information for a decision-making process in a quick and easy manner.

You will find us in the suppliers database in the following categories:

10.3.1 Heavy machinery equipment services
10.3.2 Light machinery equipment services
14.1.4 Specialist vehicles
14.1.5 Tankers, bodies and trailers
15.1.7 Tyre services
15.2.1 Storage and warehousing services



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