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Do your company need to own, rent or lease new vehicular machines? You can select all options at N.C. Nielsen. We offer a range of attractive types of finance through leasing which ensures clarity on the bottom line and helps ensure financial latitude in the company. Consult us and hear about the options and consequences of financial leasing, operational leasing or rental. Together, we will find the optimum financing model for your next purchase.


Select, for example, financial leasing of new machines with or without down payment. One of the overall advantages of leasing is that the company can write off all expenses and is not limited by the tax rules on depreciation.

The term of an financial leasing agreement is fixed in a close dialogue with your company which includes an assessment of the machines' reliability based on the expected number of operating hours. An agreement period typically runs over 5-8 years.

Financial leasing involves a commitment on your part to purchase the machines when the agreement period expires or that you assign another purchaser instead. The purchase price matches the machines' scrap value which is fixed when the agreement is made.


Most companies choose operational leasing as the most attractive finance type when acquiring new machines. Operational leasing means that we retain ownership and the company only takes over the right of use of the machines.

Operational leasing differs from financial leasing in two decisive situations:

  1. The company avoids having to straining liquidity and the company's balance in connection with the acquisition (no down payment).
  2. The company has no right or obligation to repurchase the machines after expiry of the agreement.



With an overall rental agreement with N.C. Nielsen, the company has a complete overview of the monthly operating expenses for trucks and other machines.

Basically, rental corresponds to operational leasing combined with a service and maintenance agreement which is valid for the term of the agreement. The leasing and service/maintenance expenses are converted to a fixed monthly amount comprising everything apart from wearing parts such as tyres and forks.

The truck costs can then be entered in the budget as a fixed item without any surprises and risks of large extra payments.



We are pleased to help you find the best solution to finance your new machines.
Our sales manager Allan can inform you about the finance options.