N.C. Nielsen cooperates with the international TII-Group which has been a global market leader on the market for heavy-duty solutions for decades. Therefore, N.C. Nielsen can deliver the German Scheuerle and the French Nicolas SPMT-trailers for flexible transportation of heavy-duty machinery.

The self-propelled modular transporters are called SPMT-trailers. They are custom-built for one or more specific transportation assignments. It can be anything from moving ships to towing a bridge section and internal transportation of heavy nacelles that weigh several tons for the wind mill industry.

SPMT-trailers are very flexible. The number of modular axles is customised for the specific assignment, and the axles can turn 180 degrees. A powerful Power Pack ensures the traction, and the trailer is controlled by a walking operator with a handheld remote control with a joystick. This gives a full overview of the handling process.

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