N.C. Nielsen A/S wants to come across as a company openly focusing on improving environment and working conditions in all relevant areas. These considerations must form a natural part of our work flow as well as our decision-making processes.

Our company's environmental management system is a tool to ensure constant development of our company in order to reduce the environmental impact in an economically responsible way. Through the environmental management system, we want to focus more on energy consumption using energy registration and analyses.
We also observe existing environment and working environment legislation and commit to protecting the environment and preventing pollution from our activities.

The environmental management system will also be used as the base and platform for further environmental improvements in the company.

ISO 14001

At N.C. Nielsen, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously and want to minimise our environmental impact. That's why we were certified acc. to ISO 14001 in 2013, the world's most widely used environmental management standard.

During our certification process, our energy consumption, waste management, use of chemicals, etc. were carefully mapped. In line with ISO 14001, we have subsequently set up various environmental goals intended to reduce our fuel consumption and energy consumption per employee in the future, etc.

See our ISO 14001 certificate here

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