On 1 January 2018, a partnership was launched between the Danske company, N.C. Nielsen, and the Norwegian company, Hesselberg Truck AS, with head office in Oslo. The partnership concerns the renowned Terberg terminal tractors that have become particularly popular in Norway and require a significant local presence in the elongated country.

The choice of Hesselberg Truck AS is far from random. The company is already the market leader in Norway for entrepreneurial machines and fork trucks. At the same time, Hesselberg Truck AS has a history and core values similar to those of N.C. Nielsen. This makes the collaboration much easier.

The partnership with Hesselberg Truck AS is the start of a new era for Terberg in Norge. N.C. Nielsen has upgraded the organisation with a special ”Norway team” based in Denmark which is in charge of the key accounts up north. Through Hesselberg Truck AS, a Norwegian distribution channel has been established as a platform for further take-up of Terberg products in Norway.

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