N.C. Nielsen offers a wide range of aggregates for different industries. This makes working with a forklift even more effective. 

The product range includes side shift, hydraulic fork mover, rotator and fork clamps.


Thanks to their comprehensive sensor system and data transmission, the new X20 – X35 electric forklift trucks come fully equipped for use in networked systems and can be integrated directly into the customer’s IT infrastructure, as well as into superordinate fleet management systems like Linde connect, and any digital processes. A series of sensors collect vehicle data for predictive usage planning, servicing, and remote diagnosis. Data is transmitted securely via a wireless connection, which also allows updates and new functions to be safely downloaded. These possibilities increase the availability of the trucks. Using the data about the charge level and capacities of the charging infrastructure, customers can optimize the use of the forklifts in the planning stage.

Fully Networkable

Connectivity is provided by the in-built data transmission unit, which is connected to the vehicle controller via CAN Bus and transmits vehicle data to the internal server or the Cloud via WiFi, Bluetooth, or 4G. This guarantees the highest standards of data protection. Connecting the trucks to software systems helps operators – with the aid of key figures, reports, and dashboards – to use their trucks more efficiently, to increase their availability, optimize service planning, prevent repairs, and improve safety.


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