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Green transition is important as we would like to leave a better world for future generations. That goal will not happen on its own, but through i.a. ambitious objectives, new technological knowledge, improved utilisation of resources, new business models and a general shift from fossil energy (coal, lpg and oil) to renewable energy sources (solar, wind and water).

At the same time, the green transition holds a huge business potential for our customers. Internally at the companies, it is about driving in a more energy-friendly way, saving fuel, minimising maintenance and boosting job satisfaction among employees. Externally, it is about finding new, green customer segments, being in a stronger position in competition and creating an attractive brand to the external environment.


More specifically, N.C. Nielsen turn their eyes towards the sustainable development goals:

No. 3 - good health and well-being
No. 7 – sustainable energy
No. 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure,
No. 12 - responsible consumption and production
No. 17 - partnerships for the goals.

These goals are specifically relevant to N.C. Nielsen as they largely relate to green transition with innovative and technological initiatives.

- We support Global Compact’s 10 principles and the UN sustainable development goals as they make sense on several levels. We do our best to integrate these principles into our business and value chain and wish to ensure sustainable development of our company, making a point of supplying services of a high quality with a limited resource consumption. Among other things, we use the sustainable development goals as indicators of our strategic CSR goals in relation to customers and suppliers, environment and working environment as well as social responsibility. In that way, we work with the selected sustainable development goals and bring them into play from task to task.
Per T. Nielsen / N.C. Nielsen
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N.C. Nielsen has recently entered into cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus for the purpose of establishing a long-term strategy and plan describing the best way possible for N.C. Nielsen to succeed with the sustainable development goals in interaction with customers, suppliers and other partners. N.C. Nielsen would like to do even more in relation to the green transition.


N.C. Nielsen use their own medicine to meet the green transition. The first electric company vehicles and the first electric service vehicle have been purchased, and more are on their way. We are planning a new calculator on our customer portal where it is possible to retrieve data for the green accounting in relation to the CO2 footprint of the machines, and we will also reduce our own oil and lpg consumption.

N.C. Nielsen is ISO 14001-certified, thus contributing to the sustainable development goals within a proven framework. With the certification, we are obliged to document an efficient environmental management system at our company. Among a large number of measuring points, we have committed to minimising our impact on the environment and CO2 emissions as well as the company's waste management. Digitisation obviously is an important factor when it comes to the green transition. To N.C. Nielsen, technological development and digitisation are two sides of the same coin.

Taking a stand on the green business opportunities can be a handful. However, there is no doubt that consumers and companies increasingly ask for products and solutions that consider the climate and environment. N.C. Nielsen has worked with green transition for many years, and we focus even more on the green agenda with a number of initiatives.

- We consider digitisation an innovative lever. We utilise it in a number of areas, for example within advanced fleet management, automated AGV machines and safety features on the machines. With digital tools, our customers can collect a huge amount of data that go with their own green agenda.
Per T. Nielsen / N.C. Nielsen
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The customer portal will soon make it possible to calculate CO2 savings in money terms so that green accounting will show specific figures. We can make calculations on each machine and on the combined machine fleet, and the subsequent dialogue with our consultants provides an overview of scenarios and recommendations for ways that green investments can strengthen the bottom line. We have seen examples of customers being able to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30%.


More and more customers now choose brand-new electric machines, and the trend is clear: End-of-life lpg and diesel machines are most often replaced by electric machines of any type. This happens in step with the rapid technological development where the performance of the machines gradually increases within all lifting capacities and where requirements for green solutions are explicit from our customers.

There are many arguments for choosing electric vehicles, obviously in the form of energy optimisations, environmental improvements and green transport but also in the form of more quiet driving and a more comfortable working environment for each operator. Our well-known machine brands of Linde, Terberg and Konecranes all have strong arguments with “green” machines for basically all applications.

  • Reach for heavy handling strengthReach stackers by N.C. Nielsen

    Even the heaviest lifts should be easy to handle. That is N.C. Nielsen’s philosophy when we develop our innovative and forceful reach stackers for clients all over the world.

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    Reach for heavy handling strength

    At N.C. Nielsen, we produce our own Lithium-ION batteries - This means that we are able deliver an eco-friendly energy source for all types of machines.



N.C. Nielsen receives an increasing number of inquiries regarding reconstruction where we change fossil fuel combustion engines to electric, variable frequency motors so that they will become faster and more environmentally correct. That is especially financially attractive for special-purpose machines, trucks and reach stackers with lifting capacities from 10 tonnes, and ports, offshore bases and OEM customers make use of the possibility of upcycling and improving old machines.


Converting machines from lpg/diesel to hydrogen also contributes to the green transition as hydrogen has CO2-neutral properties. Hydrogen results in quiet driving and has a high degree of uptime as a hydrogen engine is operational during a long work day. N.C. Nielsen cooperates with leading suppliers within hydrogen solutions, and we anticipate that technology to play a role in the future.

N.C. Nielsen is working at full capacity with green transition on internal lines through close cooperation with our world-known machine brands and with new relations to technological partners and experts. We assist our customers with finding environmentally friendly and energy-friendly solutions - for manufacturing companies, distribution centres, port operators and others wanting to reduce CO2 emissions.

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