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" Most components of our new reachstacker have been enlarged. It takes numerous calculations, trial assemblies and tests to succeed. However, after a very exciting development process, our engineers managed to find the "formula" for our new reachstacker "
Technical Manager, Per Nielsen / N.C. Nielsen A/S
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Advantages on NCN Heavy handling reach stackers

Get an overview of some of the most important advantages on our NCN Heavy handling reach stackers.

  • 1. Visibility
  • 2. Support wheels
  • 3. Turning radius
Advantages  on NCN Heavy handling reach stackers
  • 1

    - Large cabin
    - ​Acces from both sites
    - Hydraulic movable cabin
    - Air condition

    More about the Optima Cabin

  • 2
    Support wheels

    - Selflevelling rolling stabilizers.
    - Less ground pressure.
    - Safer and faster driving speed with load.

  • 3
    Turning radius

    Small turning radius that makes it possible to navigate in small areas.

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