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    The IC truck H20 – H35 is powerful, easy to operate, robust, low-maintenance, and versatile. The forklift for loads between 2,000 and 3,500 kilograms is particularly well suited for high loads in multi-shift operation and assignments in the harshest outdoor conditions. Hydrostatic drive, dual pedal control, Linde Load Control, and optimal visibility ensure precise interaction between man and machine. Design details combined with intelligent assistance systems guarantee the highest possible levels of safety. The H20 – H35 can be integrated into software systems, e.g. for fleet management, via wireless data transmission. The truck fulfills the latest EU 5 (2016/1627) exhaust emission regulations and it even undercuts the required emissions massively.


    Slim, asymmetrical mast profiles, narrow A-pillars, spacious and well-lit operator’s area, and the lowered front plate ensure outstanding visibility. The roof is equipped with particularly narrow cross struts, or an optional armored glass roof, to ensure good upward visibility. The truck’s low center of gravity and a high-mounted steering axle ensure good stability when cornering. Fitted as a standard safety feature, the Linde Curve Assist provides support when cornering, while Linde Load Assist reduces the risk of tipping and loading accidents. The trucks can also be fitted with the LED Stripes, Linde VertiLight, Linde TruckSpot, and Linde BlueSpot™ light and warning solutions and the Linde Safety Pilot and Linde Safety Guard assistance systems.

    • Outstanding visibility of the load and environment
    • Linde Curve Assist reduces the speed when cornering
    • Lift loads safely with Linde Load Assist
    • Multiple optional light and warning solutions

  • Ergonomics

    The H20 – H35 offers an ergonomic and intuitively organized operating concept. The steering wheel, dual pedals, and joysticks for the Linde Load Control, which is integrated into the armrest, can be operated with minimal movement required. In order to protect the operator against impacts and vibrations, the drive and steering axles and the mast are decoupled from the frame and chassis with rubber bearings. A large selection of ergonomic seats is available to provide active protection against postural injuries. Features like air suspension, lumbar support, seat heating, and seat ventilation provide additional comfort. The 3.5-inch display gives the operator a quick overview of important information about the truck.

    • Intuitive operating concept for fatigue-free working
    • Decoupled operator’s workstation protects against vibrations
    • Optimal comfort thanks to wide range of seat variants
    • Standard 3.5-inch display

  • Handling

    The interaction of hydrostatic drive, industrial engine, operating concept, ergonomic design, and optimized all-round view ensures productive load handling. Dual pedal control and the Linde Load control joysticks guarantee precise control of all driving and mast movements. There is also the option of interconnecting frequently used functions via the freely programmable buttons in the armrest. The construction of the mast profiles and the overhead tilt cylinders ensure torsional stability and high residual load capacities for large lifting heights. The Linde Hydrostat and industrial engine minimize fuel consumption and maintenance effort, thereby increasing availability and reducing operating costs in the process.

    • Precise control of hydraulic functions with Linde Load Control
    • Dual pedal control for fast reversing
    • High residual load capacities thanks to overhead tilt cylinders
    • Individually programmable multi-function buttons as an option

  • Service

    The robust construction of the H20 – H35 as well as wear- and maintenance-free components like the hydrostatic drive system or the lubrication-free tilt cylinders ensure high operational availability. The hydraulic oil intake filter and coolant pump do not need to be replaced; the hydraulic oil only needs to be changed after 6000 operating hours. The powerful and robust industrial engine boasts maintenance-free spur gears, so there is no need to replace the toothed belt as is the case with car engines. The Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS) provides additional damage protection as do the Truck Health Monitoring sensors, especially in extreme outdoor temperatures. The transverse installation of the engine means the service openings are extra-large, so components that require maintenance can be accessed and replaced easily.

    • Robust truck construction
    • Long maintenance intervals thanks to zero-wear components
    • Hydraulic oil change after 6000 operating hours
    • Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS) protects against engine damage
    • Servicing is easy thanks to generous service panels

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