Linde E-16-E20 EVO electric forklifts in the popular weight classes from 1.6 to 2.0 tons set new standards of efficiency and low operating costs. This AC-based machine is characterised by innovation from its unique mast design to its maintenance free drive shaft with integrated engines. With the encapsulated drive shafts, these Linde electric trucks are not affected by either dust, water or freezing temperatures. They are ready to operate in all environments without any problems. Even the machine's electronic control is protected and will work without any problems, also in cold stores.

    A Linde electric 386 series forklift can be customised for any task. The adjustments start at the factory where you can choose between a long range of capacities, battery sizes, lifting heights and engine sizes which can combined for more than a hundred different solutions.


    • Sturdy Linde Protector Frame
    • Control of all tilt movements
    • Full electronic traction control
    • Slim mast profiles ensuring optimum visibility
    • High residual load capacities in all designs


    • Ergonomically designed control panels
    • Spacious driver's seat with ample leg room
    • Less vibration with sophisticated suspension system
    • Driver's seats with additional comfort and settings

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