Order picking at first and second levels

    The V08 low-lift order pickers are equipped with a vertically extendible lifting platform that lifts the operator up to 1.2 metres above the ground. This allows the operator to conveniently reach the second rack level when order picking. The V08 vehicles are available in two versions: On model V08-01, the forks are firmly connected to the operator’s platform and are attached to the operator’s platform at ground level. In the long chassis version, the forks accommodate a total weight of 1000 kilograms. In the short version, the forks can hold a carrier of up to 700 kilograms, which makes the vehicle much more manoeuvrable overall. Model V08-02 features an additional lifting function that allows the operator to lift and lower the forks separately. This enables the operator to adjust the load carrier to a comfortable height for loading and unloading.


    On the V08, the outer edge of the operator’s platform is slightly bevelled upwards. This helps the operator to avoid missteps and provides additional safety, especially when the platform is raised. The operator’s platform of the V08-02 can be equipped with side rails that provide additional fall protection and enhance the operator’s feeling of safety. In the event of a collision, the vehicles’ robust chassis is equipped with metal bumpers and optional rubber reinforcement to protect the operator and goods in the event of a minor collision. The vehicles can optionally be equipped with LED headlights and Linde BlueSpot™, which projects a blue light spot on the ground in the direction of travel as a warning signal for pedestrians or other operators. The entire floor area of the operator’s platform functions as a dead man’s switch. If the operator leaves the platform or activates the emergency stop switch, the vehicle brakes automatically. In operating mode, the braking power is adjusted to the current load weight and the speed is automatically reduced to prevent accidental tipping when cornering.

    • Raised outer edge for additional stability
    • Impact protection made of metal or rubber
    • LED headlights and BlueSpot™ – optional
    • Platform floor functions as dead man’s switch


    The V08 low-lift order pickers are equipped with the intuitive, height-adjustable Linde steering wheel, meaning operators benefit from a comfortable working position. The spacious operator’s platform with an entry height of only 14.5 centimetres, facilitates continuous entry and exit. A non-slip rubber pad on the operator’s platform floor improves stability and prevents slipping accidents. The V08 has large storage compartments for work equipment. What's more, additional brackets can be attached for the attachment of scanners, clipboards, film rolls, and other equipment. The multifunctional colour display provides all important vehicle information at a glance.

    • Height-adjustable Linde steering wheel
    • Spacious entrance and low step height
    • Non-slip rubber pad
    • Generous storage compartments

  • Handling

    The lifting platform of the V08 reaches a height of 1.2 meters so that the driver can easily reach the second shelf level. The Linde OptiLift lift mast control system simplifies handling with smooth, vibration-free lifting movements. Depending on the vehicle version, the V08 can reach a top speed of up to 10 km/h with a load thanks to the powerful 2.3-kW engine. The precise and self-centering power steering keeps the vehicle on track at all times. The butterfly controls for horn, light, lift, and all driving functions are integrated into the Linde steering wheel and can be used intuitively with just one hand. The V08-02 also has a pedestrian function: push buttons on the outside of the vehicle enable the driver to move the order picker whilst walking alongside the truck. This allows them to maneuver the vehicle conveniently forwards and backwards without having to re-enter the vehicle for short distances. The additional lift of the V08-02 allows the driver to position the pallet at the most comfortable working level.

    • Lifting platform up to 1.2 meters in height
    • Linde OptiLift for smooth lifting movements
    • Powerful 2.3-kW motor
    • Driving functions integrated on the Linde steering wheel
    • Pedestrian function for distances on foot

  • Service

    A rugged chassis and multiple bumpers protect the V08 frame in the event of a collision. The stable, low-maintenance design of the order pickers ensures long maintenance intervals and high vehicle availability. Non-contact sensors are not subject to wear and tear and therefore rarely need to be replaced. During maintenance work, the CAN bus connection of the V08 ensures simple service processes. The service technician can sort the vehicle’s system data and analyze it via a laptop for fast and precise troubleshooting. All important components of the vehicle are easily accessible so that service work can be carried out immediately. Cables and wiring harnesses are clearly arranged, which shortens the duration of maintenance work.

    • Robust housing with bumpers
    • Long maintenance intervals
    • CAN bus connection
    • Easily accessible components

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