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Ever more areas within daily work are digitised - also internal transport. Linde currently launches the future, digital fleet management with the Linde Connect Cloud software making it possible to gather all relevant truck data at one available platform in the cloud. Thus, the fleet manager now has a digital tool to optimise operations of the combined machine fleet and to make it more effective.

The fleet manager has easy access to Linde Connect Cloud with nothing but Internet access and a browser. This means that relevant truck data can be accessed at work, at home and abroad, and while on the road, the fleet can be checked using a mobile phone. The operating data selected are presented in a well-arranged display - and it is possible to react to unintended events and enquiries.

Linde Connect Cloud provides continuously updated information about operating hours, error codes and positioning for each truck. This allows you to keep careful track of upcoming maintenance, receive an error message in case of a technical problem or locate the GPS position of each truck if it has “disappeared” in a remote corner of the company.

The keyword in Linde Connect Cloud is flexibility. The cloud solution can be scaled up and down according to the needs of the company. The fleet manager receives a sound basis package with operational data about operating hours, access control and availability. In addition, you can choose an extended safety package and an extended energy package with relevant information about energy consumption.

Digital strategy

The ambition behind Linde Connect Cloud is to digitise all previous forms of fleet management in one combined solution. It will be updated automatically when new features are developed, providing an even more detailed data basis for the fleet management. This is in close interaction with the future Linde machines that are all made for the digital age.

- The cloud solution combines all machines in one digital context for the fleet manager. Partly with the Linde truck that has been prepared with digital units from the factory and partly with retrofitted software in existing Linde machines. Linde Connect Cloud is a user-friendly platform that shows information in a simple and well-arranged form. This is particularly a benefit when fleet managers operate with large machine fleets, says Henrik Fischer, Technical Manager, N.C. Nielsen.

With the new counterbalance truck, Linde H20-H35/1202, Linde has brought digitisation to full series production as the trucks are equipped with various units for digital data transfer as standard. The trucks have been prepared for the future digital industry logics, and in those regards, Linde Connect Cloud is the most important factor as the platform for obtaining data about truck performance.


Mindsker den samlede belastning

Fordoblingen af kapaciteten er opnået ved at modificere en klassisk 45 tons SMV Konecranes reachstacker på centrale områder. De originale løftecylindre er f.eks. drejet 180° for at mindske deres belastningsgrad, åget er fjernet og maskinens originale tvillingmonterede drivaksel suppleres af et nyudviklet "landingsstel" med 2 x 4 hjul for at fordele vægttrykket.  Samtidig er akselafstanden som noget meget vigtigt udvidet fra 6,4 til 9 meter. Ved udviklingen af prototypen blev chassiset på en brugt SMV Konecrane reachstacker skåret igennem og forlænget på værkstedet hos N.C. Nielsen.  Aftalen med Konecranes Lifttruck sikrer nu opbygningen af 100 tons versioner med fabriksnyt forlænget chassis.

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