Case The new reach stackers are intended to act as effective all-round machines at Jutlandia Terminal in Denmark. At the terminal area, by the wharf, and at the gigantic storage sites, they will handle items weighing many, many tonnes. In particular, this involves towers for wind turbine, which have to be lifted with great precision from the heavy handling trailers and placed onto H-frames or transported over long distances for shipping.

Future-proof fleet

The arrival of the reach stackers was the culmination of a well-prepared process, during which N.C. Nielsen and Jutlandia cooperated closely to arrive at the optimal solution. Jutlandia already had a large fleet of special-purpose machines, but they needed a few flexible, heavy-duty machines to handle the increasing quantities of goods and the frequent lifting of raw materials, semi-manufactured goods and finished parts for wind turbine:

“We see a strategic benefit with the purchase of the two reach stackers. We are experiencing high growth in our business areas, and we need high-performance, fast and effective machines that can keep up with demand within the wind turbine industry. Our cooperation with N.C. Nielsen has been seamless, and the decision to invest in these particular machines involved technical insight, business understanding and personal relations,” says director Michael Rühe from Jutlandia.

Strong decision-making basis

Logistics tasks in the wind turbine industry change on an ongoing basis, and Jutlandia always needs to have the right equipment for the job. These are not off-the-shelf items; they are solutions based on detailed calculations covering everything from expected hours of operation to fuel economy and driver comfort. Close dialogue, numerous meetings and a visit to Konecranes in Sweden facilitated the process.

“We established a steering group, which in particular, listened to input from our machine operators. Among other things, they had the opportunity to test drive the machines, and they customised them individually with air-conditioning systems, special spring-cushion seats and special lighting. Apart from great driver comfort, I would like to highlight N.C. Nielsen’s service, thanks to which a servicing engineer can arrive on short notice. I sleep very well at night knowing this,” says Operations Manager Peter Jensen from Jutlandia.

At N.C. Nielsen, we are also very happy to have arrived at the perfect solution for Jutlandia, which addresses the precise logistics needs in the wind turbine industry and other tasks in the offshore area:

“Extremely hardy machines are required to carry out the tasks at the port terminal in Esbjerg. They have to handle massive wind turbine parts and other heavy goods in all kinds of weather, all year round. With two modified SMV Konecranes, upgraded to lift 85 tonnes each, Jutlandia has ended up with two incredibly strong reach stackers, which offer great comfort for the driver. The development work with Jutlandia unfolded very positively, and we are happy on their behalf with regard to this solution,” says Bo Nørgaard from N.C. Nielsen.

N.C. Nielsen has established a strong position within heavy-duty equipment, and the company can provide a wide range of specialised solutions for the wind turbine industry, container handling and heavy industry. N.C. Nielsen can therefore also offer machines with a lifting capacity ranging from 100 to 152 tonnes on the hook, which for now is the upper limit for a heavily modified SMV Konecranes reach stacker.


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