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N.C. Nielsen can now present a brand new generation of Linde counterbalance trucks. The new range of Linde trucks raises the bar for advanced truck technology and sets new standards in terms of accessibility, efficiency and safety in modern warehouse logistics.

The Linde H20-H35/1202 is prepared for the future. The truck has been developed from the ground up and is based on extensive analysis work in which about a thousand truck drivers and fleet managers from 26 countries have expressed their wishes, expectations and requirements for the counterbalance truck of the future. This innovative development work has resulted in what many people call “the perfect truck”. 

A key innovative feature is that the Linde H20-H35/1202 comes with wireless data transfer as standard. With strict security standards, relevant operating data is transferred to a central file server accessible by N.C. Nielsen and its clients. This allows you to update software in the cloud, download data for preventive maintenance and to continuously monitor the truck with remote diagnostics.

Increased visibility and safety

Unlimited visibility is an essential prerequisite for the fast, accurate and safe handling of goods. The Linde designers have therefore increased visibility by 20% compared with previous truck models. Narrow A-posts, asymmetrical mast profile, reinforced glass roof and glass panelled cabin doors give the driver panoramic views and make it easier to position the load with millimetre precision.

Safety is always Linde’s top priority. For all truck models, a wide range of warning and assistance systems are available to actively prevent accidents and collisions. These are Linde LED Stripes, VertiLight lighting as well as Linde Safety Pilot and Linde Safety Guard, which provide valuable information to the truck driver. In addition, Linde Load Assist actively intervenes if the lifting capacity limit is approached.

Technology at your service

The new Linde truck has a sharp focus on ergonomics and driver comfort. The step into the cabin is low and wide, the heated driver’s seat can be adjusted via the backrest and automatic weight adjustment, and the cabin height has been increased by raising the roof by 10 centimetres. A joystick by the armrest is used to control all the vital functions, and for added safety, the truck moves at creep speed if the driver has not fastened the seat belt.

“We have high expectations of the new Linde counterbalance truck. There is some impressive development work behind the truck and Linde has once again surpassed itself with a high-tech counterbalance truck that taps into the mindset of the future Industry 4.0. We are really looking forward to presenting this exciting product innovation to the Danish market at the beginning of 2020,” says Sales Director Allan Christensen from N.C. Nielsen.

The Linde H20-H35/1202 series comes in diesel, LPG and natural gas versions. The trucks are built with a powerful Deutz industrial engine that meets strict EU Stage V emission requirements.
A hydrostatic transmission and Linde’s well known two-pedal system ensure smooth and precise driving and quick direction changes – and the Linde Curve Assist system automatically ensures reduced travel speed when cornering.


Want to know more?

Kontakt sales manager Allan Christensen from N.C. Nielsen for further information.