N.C. Nielsen can now present the new generation of Linde counterbalance trucks: Linde H20-H35/1202. The new forklift with a lifting capacity between 2.0 and 3.5 tonnes is setting new technical standards for productivity, ease of use, data transfer, versatility and not least safety, which is unequalled on the market.

The new Linde counterbalance truck has been developed from the ground up and is based on extensive research. Over a thousand truck drivers from 26 countries around the world have provided valuable input to the Linde engineers, who have translated the many opinions into new design improvements, increased availability, better visibility, improved ergonomics and advanced safety systems.

Increased visibility and safety

The Linde H20-H35/1202 has been designed with increased visibility in the form of narrow A-posts, asymmetrical mast profile, reinforced glass roof and glass panelled cabin doors. The unobstructed view is an essential condition for fast, accurate and safe truck operation – and Linde is therefore taking another significant step toward its goal of eliminating all industrial accidents in material handling.

To combat poor light conditions, the Linde H20-H35/1202 can be ordered or retrofitted with various lighting options. Linde VertiLights illuminate the current working area, LED Stripes indicate the direction of travel in either red or white lights and Linde TruckSpot projects a warning triangle on the floor behind the truck – all part of the active safety system.

Assisted safety

Linde 1202/H20-H35 is supplied as standard with Linde Curve Assist, which slows your speed when cornering, and the Linde Load Assist system, which regulates tilt and lifting speed if the load is placed right at the front of the forks, for example. For added safety, the Linde Safety Guard assistance system is available, where trucks and pedestrians communicate wirelessly in critical zones and the truck’s travel speed is reduced automatically.

“Safety is always a focal point for our clients. The new Linde counterbalance truck provides a very high level of safety and the perfect balance between active and passive safety. It’s heartening to be able to offer our clients so many technical safety features. Linde is and will remain a guarantee of maximum safety in day-to-day logistics operations,” says Sales Director Allan Christensen from N.C. Nielsen.


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