N.C. Nielsen has developed a special version of one of SMV Konecranes' reachstackers with a lifting capacity of 100 tons. The machine has had such success that a unique collaboration has been launched with Konecranes Lifttruck for the production of new 100 tons reachstackers in Balling, Denmark.

In the autumn of 2013, N.C. Nielsen, Denmark's leading supplier of heavy duty machinery, unveiled a customised SMV Konecranes reachstacker with double lifting capacity of 100 tons. This was an unprecedented machine type on the market. The development process started with a query from a harbour terminal in Aarhus that needed a manoeuvrable machine to ship the increasingly heavier offshore turbine elements. The process was concluded when N.C. Nielsen delivered a customised 100 tons prototype based on a heavily modified SMV Konecranes reachstacker for the harbour in Aarhus.


Interest in the new heavy duty reachstacker is large, in Denmark and abroad. The demand has resulted in a unique collaboration between N.C. Nielsen and Konecranes Lifttruck: The Swedish machine manufacturer will deliver brand new SMV Konecranes reach stackers with the 9 metre wheelbase required while N.C. Nielsen will handle the remaining structure of the special version.


The capacity has been doubled by modifying a classic 45 tons SMV Konecranes reachstacker in various key areas. The original lifting cylinders have been turned 180° to reduce their degree of load, the spreader has been removed and the machine's original twin-mounted drive shaft is now complemented by a newly developed "undercarriage" with 2 x 4 wheels to distribute the weight. One of the crucial changes is the widening of the wheel base from 6.4 to 9 metres. When developing the prototype, the chassis of a second-hand SMV Konecranes reachstacker was cut through and extended at N.C. Nielsen's workshop. The agreement with Konecranes Lifttruck now ensures the manufacture of 100 tons versions with a brand new longer chassis.

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