N.C. Nielsen has previously made the impossible possible, and this time the engineers have come up with the correct formula for a truly heavy-duty reachstacker. The new heavyweight is based on a Konecranes 4545. It will have a net weight of 110 tons, a width of 4.90 metres, a length with the boom down of 15 metres and can lift 152 tons from its hook. The entire geometry of the machine will be reconfigured with a reinforced boom for 15.40 metre high lifts, increased counterweight, larger lifting cylinders, two metre high decks and a withdrawn undercarriage which makes it easy to come close to the item.

– Most components of our new reachstacker have been enlarged. It takes numerous calculations, trial assemblies and tests to succeed. However, after a very exciting development process, our engineers managed to find the "formula" for our new reachstacker, says technical manager Per Nielsen of N.C. Nielsen.

Shipping companies, supply bases, harbour terminals and wind turbine producers will benefit from the flexibility offered by the new reachstacker. The reachstacker not only handles heavy lifts but is also a highly mobile machine capable of lifting and moving items from place to place safely, efficiently and manoeuvrably. 

Preparations at N.C. Nielsen are well under way and the first reachstacker is expected to be ready for delivery by the end of 2017. The bespoke reach stackers are being built at the factory in Balling, and N.C. Nielsen expects to put a minor series of the machines into production in 2018 to meet the increasing demand for extremely heavy lifts. The reachstacker will stand out with:

- net weight of 122 tons
- width of 4.90 meters
- reinforced boom for 15.40 metre high lifts
- increased counterweight
- larger lifting cylinders
- a withdrawn undercarriage.

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