N.C. Nielsen launches sustainable upcycling concept

Most companies would like green, sustainable and environmentally friendly products that contribute to a better future for all of us. With the concept of 'NCN Heavy Handling Upcycling', N.C. Nielsen are offering a specific, user-friendly offer to match the good intentions, by giving new life to worn-out machines at the heavier end of the scale.

The upcycling concept is good news for owners of worn-out Heavy Handling machines. N.C. Nielsen has broad expertise in maintaining and renovating machines, including its own traded-in machines and rental machines. With initiatives like renovating machine parts and reusing all its steel without melting it down, N.C. Nielsen is creating additional value and contributing to the green transition.

"We're launching the concept for Terberg terminal tractors, Konecranes reach stackers or trucks with a good few hours on the clock. We replace worn machine parts with new, original spare parts from our well-known machine brands and, wherever possible, send parts for renovation according to the Reman concept. The customer will experience a renovated and newly lacquered machine in return, in the same condition as when it was delivered as new," says Claus Lilleholt, Country Manager at N.C. Nielsen.

Green economies of scale

Customers at N.C. Nielsen can draw on a number of economies of scale when they choose an upcycling-based solution. The renovation of machinery is carried out by technical specialists who are familiar with the machine type. A program of consultancy, calculations and total renovation in our own manufacturing facilities makes the upcycling project financially attractive and gives a better amortisation profile for the machine.

  • Full review and testing of the machine before starting work, report is prepared
  • The machine is washed and cleaned
  • Complete separation of machine, incl. dismantling beam and spreader bar
  • Shot blasting of vital parts
  • Spreader bar is checked for distortions
  • Alignment of parts and steps, replacement of steps if needed
  • Replace worn plates in beam and on the bar extension
  • Replace all bushings and rivets
  • Replace trackballs, rivets and bushings on steering axle
  • Change the wheel bearings in the steering wheels
  • Replace bearings in drive axle, including wheel bearings
  • New brakes fitted
  • Test of engine and turbo, compression test and test of injectors
  • Replacement of water pump and belts
  • Testing diesel pump
  • Review of exhaust system
  • New gasket set in steer cylinder
  • New gasket set in extension cylinder and lift cylinder
  • New gasket sets in cylinders on the spreader bar.
  • Fitting of new hydraulic hoses
  • Grinding down lacquer
  • Remove windows in cab
  • Clean inside of cab; check switches and instrument panel
  • Check and replace any necessary wiring
  • Primer coat
  • 2 x lacquer in the customer's colour/original colour
  • Fitting of windows, doors, new wiper blades and, if necessary, new covering and floor mats
  • Fitting new daytime running lights
  • Fitting new work lamps and rotating beacon
  • Fitting new steel and rubber mudguards on the drive axle.
  • Rear camera mounted
  • 4 new tyres on drive axle
  • 2 new tyres on steering wheels
  • Mount the beam
  • Mount 4 new Twist Locks and spreader bar
  • Fitting new central greasing system on beam and steering axle (also spreader bar, if needed)
  • The machine is tested over several hours, with and without loads
  • Fill out the test form
  • Issue the warranty

Examples of renovated machines

Older, worn Terberg tractor New renovated Terberg tractor

White worn Terberg Renovated white Terberg


Almost disassembled and ready to be sandblasted.

Sandblasted and ready for 2x painting.

Ready for replacement of agreed parts and assembly of machine.

Finished machine.


N.C. Nielsen offers to implement an upcycling project in a maximum of six weeks, during which the technicians work intensively to get the Heavy Handling machine back in good working order. In order to maintain uptimes, the customer can opt to rent a machine from N.C. Nielsen to cover their driving needs during this period.

"We're going into the market with a well-prepared concept that retains the commercial advantages for our customers. Naturally we want to contribute towards sparing the environment, saving on raw materials and reducing carbon emissions while also being able to accommodate our customers' wishes in relation to renovation of their machines," says Claus Lilleholt of N.C. Nielsen.

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