N.C. Nielsen launches sustainable upcycling concept

Most companies aim for green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly products that contribute to a better future for all of us. With the concept of "NCN Heavy Handling Upcycling," N.C. Nielsen presents a concrete and practical solution to these good intentions by giving a new lease of life to retired heavy-duty machines.

The upcycling concept brings good news to owners of retired heavy handling machines. N.C. Nielsen has extensive experience in maintaining and renovating machines, including their own traded-in and rental machines. By renovating machine parts and recycling all steel without melting, N.C. Nielsen adds value to the customer and contributes to the green transition.

"We are launching the concept for reach stackers, terminal tractors, or trucks with many hours on the counter, regardless of the machine brand. We replace worn machine parts with new original parts, and wherever possible, the replaced parts are sent for renovation under the Reman concept. The customer will experience receiving a renovated and repainted machine in the same condition as when it was delivered as new," says Country Manager Claus Lilleholt from N.C. Nielsen.

Green economies of scale

Customers at N.C. Nielsen can benefit from several economies of scale when choosing an upcycling solution. The machine's renovation is carried out by technical specialists who are already familiar with the machine types, and total renovation in N.C. Nielsen's own production facilities makes the upcycling project economically attractive and provides a better depreciation profile for the machine.

  • Thorough inspection and testing of the machine before starting work, a report is prepared.
  • Machine washing and cleaning.
  • Complete disassembly of the machine, including boom and lift removal.
  • Vital parts are sandblasted.
  • Container lift is checked for alignment.
  • Straightening of parts and steps, possible step replacement.
  • Replacement of wear plates in the boom and on the extended lift.
  • Replacement of all bushings and rivets.
  • Replacement of steering knuckles, rivets, and bushings on the steering axle.
  • Wheel bearings in the steering wheels are replaced.
  • Replacement of bearings in the drive axle, including wheel bearings.
  • New brakes are installed.
  • Motor and turbo testing, compression test, and injector testing.
  • Replacement of the water pump and belts.
  • Diesel pump testing.
  • Exhaust system inspection.
  • New gasket set in the steering cylinder.
  • New gasket sets in the extended lift cylinder and lifting cylinders.
  • New gasket sets in the lift arm cylinders.
  • Installation of new hydraulic hoses.
  • Lacquer sanding.
  • Cabin windows are removed.
  • Interior cabin cleaning, inspection of contacts and instruments.
  • Control and replacement of necessary wiring.
  • Base painting.
  • 2x painting in the customer's or original color.
  • Installation of windows, doors, new wiper blades, and if necessary, new upholstery and floor mats.
  • Installation of new driving lights.
  • Installation of new work lights and rotor or flashlights.
  • Installation of new mud flaps on the drive axle in steel + rubber.
  • Installation of a rearview camera.
  • Fire nye dekk på drivaksel
  • To nye dekk på styrehjul
  • Bom monteres
  • 4 new tires on the drive axle.
  • 2 new tires on the steering wheels.
  • Boom installation.
  • Installation of 4 new Twist Locks and the lift.
  • Installation of a new central lubrication system on the boom and steering axle (if applicable).
  • The machine is tested for several hours with and without load.
  • A test report is prepared.
  • A warranty certificate is issued.

N.C. Nielsen offers to carry out an upcycling project in a maximum of six weeks, where technicians work intensively to get the heavy handling machine back in operational condition. To maintain uptime during this period, the customer can choose to rent a machine from N.C. Nielsen to meet their transportation needs.

– "We are now entering the market with a well-thought-out concept that preserves the business advantages for our customers. We want to contribute to protecting the environment, conserving resources, reducing CO2 emissions, and simultaneously meeting the customer's wishes regarding machine renovation," says Country Manager Claus Lilleholt from N.C. Nielsen.

Examples of renovated machines

Older, worn Terberg tractor

Old, worn Terberg terminal tractor

New renovated Terberg tractor

New, renovated Terberg terminal tractor

Old, worn Konecranes forklift

New, renovated Konecranes forklift

White worn Terberg

Old white Terberg terminal tractor

Renovated white Terberg

New, renovated Terberg


Nearly disassembled and ready for sandblasting.

Sandblasted and ready for 2x painting.

Ready for the replacement of agreed-upon parts and machine assembly.

Finished machine.


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