• Description

    Even the world’s best truck driver cannot be completely focused at all hours of the day. A moment of inattention can lead to a fallen load, the collision of a rack and a pallet or even an overloaded truck that tilts in a corner at the warehouse. In fact, 95 % of all work-related truck accidents are due to human errors.

    Linde Safety Pilot contributes to reducing human errors through a number of safety features. The system shows continuous information about the maximum weight, lifting height and the load angle so that the truck driver does not have to worry about any overloading or his or her own assessment regarding whether the truck can manage the current lift. That sets the truck driver’s mind at rest.

  • Current safety information

    Linde Safety Pilot shows the current safety level while driving, and the system warms the driver if the maximum permissible values are exceeded. That is done by using warning lights and warning signals, and the system automatically reduces the speed or the limit for how high the forks can be lifted.

    In addition to the active intervention, Linde Safety Pilot can be individually set based on parametres such as truck speed, the weight on the forks, the lowering of the forks, the lifting height and collision protection.

    Linde Safety Pilot increases safety considerably for the truck driver and anyone at the warehouse. The system provides active truck safety where the system intervenes and makes adjustments in relation to the set criteria. If the speed has been set to a specific number, the truck cannot drive faster than that number, even with the speeder fully pressed

    Linde Safety Pilot gets its information from sensitive sensors around the truck that give information to the central unit and the display where the driver can monitor the safety level:
    Using the new safety concept, the truck driver has the full overview of the situation and can constantly adjust work accordingly. Linde Safety Pilot is the intelligent companion that makes work easier for the truck driver and contributes to the combined efficiency at the warehouse.

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