• Description

    There will always be a certain risk when forklifts and pedestrians work closely together in a busy warehouse and logistics area. Linde continuously develops new safety features and is now launching the advanced Linde Safety Guard assistance system that warns truck drivers and pedestrians at an early point in time - even through walls, shelves and stand-alone pallets.

    Linde Safety Guard differs from other assistance systems such as sound and beacons. They warn everybody close by, but this often causes sensory overload and weak signalling. However, Linde Safety Guard uses selective warning when real danger arises between a specific forklift and a specific pedestrian. Even with an accuracy of down to ten centimetres.

  • Close two-way communication

    A box is installed at the forklift with Linde Safety Guard. It is linked to one or more mobile devices which pedestrians carry on them. In case of danger and the truck is approaching, the pedestrian is warned with a sound, images and vibrations. The pedestrian is therefore able to be pay extra attention to the potential hazard.

    The truck driver can constantly keep an eye on how many pedestrians or other forklifts are in the warning zone. Linde Safety Guard also sends signals through walls, shelves and stand-alone pallets. That is thanks to powerful broadband technology in the 4 gigahertz range that sends signals through physical objects and does not affect other networks such as W-LAN, Bluetooth or RFID.

    - There is no doubt that Linde Safety Guard contributes to increasing the safety level. The system is developed based on comprehensive analysis and development work, and Linde sets a new, technological standard with the system. We are convinced that Linde Safety Guard can make a real difference to safety, and we see it as yet a step in the right direction, says Allan Christensen, Sales Manager, N.C. Nielsen.

  • Automatic speed reduction

    The system also enables connection of automatic speed reduction. The built-in “Zone Marker” in Linde Safety Guard defines specific working areas at the warehouse or at the outdoors truck areas which the current speed is automatically adjusted to the maximum speed allowed.

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