Linde R14-25HD/1120 electrical reach truck for seated operators is ideal for both indoor and outdoor driving, for jobs such as loading and unloading lorries or similar vehicles in various environments. The super-elastic wheels, vibration-damped drive, excellent clearance and a vibration-free operator's seat are all important to a good driving experience. These qualities allow it to negotiate many types of surfaces and move goods, even in narrow aisles. The machine can be adapted to the operator's requirements for comfort, is delivered with powerful motors and various safety properties which are only available on the Linde models.


    • Linde Curve Assist
    • Brakes on all wheels
    • Four independent braking systems
    • Automatic parking brake
    • Panoramic roof with armoured glass (optional)


    • Vibration-insulated chassis
    • Individually adjustable operator's seat and control panel
    • Padded arm rest with integrated controls
    • Low entry height
    • Operator's seat with weight-dependent air cushioning

Technical data

Model Capacity Lift height Battery Data sheet
Linde R14 1.400 kg 5.760 mm 48 / 420/465 (V)/(Ah)
Linde R14 HD 1.400 kg 7.555 mm 48 / 560/620 (V)/(Ah)
Linde R14 W 1.400 kg
Linde R16 1.600 kg 5.760 mm 48 / 420/465 (V)/(Ah)
Linde R16 HD 1.600 kg 8.255 mm 48 / 560/620 (V)/(Ah)
Linde R16 W 1.600 kg
Linde R20 2.000 kg 8.955 mm 48 / 700/775 (V)/(Ah)
Linde R20 HD 2.000 kg 11.455 mm 48 / 840/930 (V)/(Ah)
Linde R20 W 2.000 kg
Linde R25 2.500 kg 11.455 mm 48 / 840/930 (V)/(Ah)

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