Cost-effective logistics
    Linde LT06-LT20 is a modular series of cost-effective factory trains ensuring the internal material flow across large distances. The tow tractor can be connected with the logistics modules appropriate for the company's needs. The modules have sturdy SE tyres, lift up to a height of 200 mm and move goods with a maximum weight of two tones for each module. A wide selection of frame variants in various dimensions is available and in designs such as bridges or platforms. At the same time, the modules are also available as closed boxes enabling the factory train to go outside without considering the weather.


    • Immobilizer active if trailers are lowered
    • Automatic braking when cornering
    • All trailers are linked to the tow tractor via a data cable
    • Noise reduction due to elevated loads

Technical data

Model Capacity Lift height
Linde LT 2.000 kg 100 mm
Linde LT-B 1.600 kg 100 mm
Linde LT-P 2.000 kg 100 mm

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