Combilift is world-renowned for its robust machines which are customised for transportation of long and cumbersome goods that are difficult to handle. The machines save space because of their 4-way handling of goods which enables them to drive in all directions. Their ability to drive on very different surfaces both in-doors and out-doors is another special quality. In addition, Combilift is highly reliable, with a long life cycle and a lot of optional extra equipment.

Technical data

Model load center Battery
Combilift C2500 diesel 450 mm
Combilift C2500 gas 450 mm
Combilift C3000 diesel 600 mm
Combilift C3000 gas 600 mm
Combilift C3500 diesel 450 mm
Combilift C3500 gas 450 mm
Combilift C4000 diesel 600 mm
Combilift C4000 gas 600 mm
Combilift C4500 diesel 600 mm
Combilift C4500 gas 600 mm
Combilift C4800 diesel 600 mm
Combilift C4800 gas 600 mm
Combilift C5000 diesel 600 mm
Combilift C5000 gas 600 mm
Combilift C6000 diesel 600 mm
Combilift C6000 gas 600 mm
Combilift C8000 diesel 600 mm
Combilift C8000 gas 600 mm

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