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Press releases Last autumn N.C. Nielsen developed a specialised version of an SMV Konecranes reach stacker with a lifting capacity of 100 tons. The success of the machine has led to a unique partnership with Konecranes Lifttruck about the manufacturing of new 100-ton reach stackers in Balling in Denmark.

In 2013, in the autumn, N.C. Nielsen, Denmark’s leading supplier of heavy duty-machines launched a customised SMV Konecranes reach stacker with a double lifting capacity of 100 tons. This machine was the first of its kind on the market. The development process started with a request from a harbour terminal in Aarhus. The harbour needed a machine with the manoeuvring capacity to off-load the increasingly heavy elements for sea wind turbines. The process ended, when N.C. Nielsen delivered a customised 100 tons prototype, based on a radically modified SMV Konecranes reach stacker, for the harbour in Aarhus.

From mission impossible to success

- It looked like a "mission impossible", but turned into a success story, as expressed clearly in the new partnership with Konecranes Lifttruck. Few people believed in the project, when our technical director Per Nielsen revealed the idea about rebuilding a 45-ton reach stacker for a machine with 100 tons lifting capacity last autumn. Thanks to N.C.Nielsen’s careful calculations and extensive technical knowledge about reach stackers, all doubts were eliminated. Our customised SMV Konecranes reach stacker passed all tests at the final type approval and lifted the required 125 tons without any complications, says sales and marketing director Jens Wøldiche from N.C. Nielsen.

Diminishing the total load

The capacity has been doubled by modifying a standard 45-ton SMV Konecranes reach stacker in central respects. The original lifting cylinders have been turned 180 degrees to diminish their load ratio share, the spreader has been removed, and the machine’s original twin mounted drive axle is supplied by a newly developed "landing gear" with 2 x 4 wheels to distribute the weight pressure. At the same time, very importantly, the axle distance has been extended from 6.4 to 9 meters. Through the development of the prototype, the chassis on a used SMV Konecrane reach stacker has been cut and extended in the workshop at N.C. Nielsen. The agreement with Konecranes Lifttruck now ensures the construction om 100-ton versions with a new and extended chassis.

Want to learn more?

Want to know more about our 100 ton reach stacker, please feel free to contact our CEO Poul B. Nielsen.