Case For furniture manufacturer Tvilum, it is natural to optimise in every corner of the business. This also applies to the maintenance of the entire truck fleet, which includes about 50 Linde electric trucks and Linde electric pallet stackers from N.C. Nielsen. Tvilum has now made a workshop available to N.C. Nielsen, so they can perform maintenance under ideal conditions in Fårvang.

N.C. Nielsen has full access to the service workshop at Tvilum. Two to three days a week, a permanent service engineer appears between 7 am and 3 pm. The service engineer can also be called out at short notice at night and at the weekends. The heated workshop is complete with direct access to production, tools and storage space – and Tvilum’s drivers use a simple notice board to book service jobs.

Volume provides workshop activity

Most of the repairs are carried out in the workshop, of course. But the service engineer from N.C. Nielsen also moves around the 50 production halls covering 134,000 square metres or the huge outdoor driving areas to service the large fleet of forklifts, pallet stackers, terminal tractors and other vehicles. The service vehicle can quickly be packed and driven out even to the most remote corner of the large central Jutland furniture company.

“Truck repair is not our core competence. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource this part of the business to N.C. Nielsen. This gives us high availability, high reliability and good cost control. It’s very flexible and uncomplicated having a familiar service engineer who is professionally skilled and popular among our employees. At the same time, we are constantly being updated about new truck models and new technology,” says Asset Care Manager Søren Jørgensen from Tvilum.

Keeping the wheels turning

Every week, Tvilum produces approx. 200,000 pieces of furniture at its factories in Fårvang and Kjellerup. Furniture production is in full swing around the clock in and the many Linde trucks are subjected to major stress when they are driven alternately on asphalt, concrete and interlocking paving stones with their heavy loads. It is therefore essential to run production non-stop and be able to get to a workshop in the truck quickly in case of any discord.

“We are pleased that Tvilum provides a workshop and collaborates closely with us on servicing and maintaining the fleet. We are very happy to have such fine physical conditions at Tvilum and I’m sure that it ultimately provides a good experience for all parties. In this way, we have a good dialogue with Tvilum and can also respond quickly both to the daily challenges and if, for example, short term hire or new machines are required,” says Service Manager Ole H. Pirchert from N.C. Nielsen.

The large number of Linde trucks at Tvilum naturally provides many minor and major repairs that are handled either in the workshop or at the factory. N.C. Nielsen’s client portal gives Tvilum a full overview of the tasks performed, it can track history, and download data on spare parts costs and breakdowns of individual trucks and much more. All in all, Tvilum can draw on N.C. Nielsen’s total service concept, which fits hand in glove with the streamlined production company.

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