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N.C. Nielsen can now present a new and updated version of the innovative Terberg YT203 terminal tractor. The new terminal tractor with EV technology is expected to set the new, technical standard for terminal tractors driving at distribution centres, port terminals, airports, and other types of companies where it is necessary to move semi-trailers.

Terberg YT203 EV is in itself an innovation. For the first time ever, it is possible to choose an entirely electrically powered terminal tractor that comes with the same performance as the diesel version of the same machine. It does not emit CO2 or NOX and thus complies with the strictest environmental requirements. The nearly silent machine with few vibrations benefits the working environment, even when driving indoors.


A distinctive feature of the Terberg YT203 EV is the individually customised battery package that is combined specifically based on the client's specifications. The temperature-controlled (TMS) batteries are suitable for driving in very cold as well as in very warm environments - and with a quick charger of up to 150 kWh, it is in fact possible to fully recharge the machine in just one hour.

At the same time, Terberg YT203 EV has fewer movable parts than the diesel version, resulting in lower maintenance costs. The simple and thought-through construction of the machine is also an advantage when a service engineer is to exchange parts for planned maintenance or unintended breakdowns when quick repair is absolutely necessary.

Terberg YT203 EV does in no way compromise on strength as the lifting capacity is up to 36,000 kg on the 5th wheel which can be automatically locked from inside the cabin. A robust chassis, a cabin tested for safety and a generally simple machine design make the terminal tractor a stable, efficient, and economically viable yard tractor managing smooth, internal transport.

- Terberg did it again and developed the electric terminal tractors of the future. Many of our clients ask for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. The Terberg YT203 EV allows us to offer such a solution, and the electric Terberg variants have now become directly comparable to the diesel versions, says Jørgen Peter Lund, Sales Manager, N.C. Nielsen.

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