N.C. Nielsen can now present a brand new innovation to the world, the new Terberg YT series. The Dutch manufacturer Terberg continues to raise the technical bar in the new Yard Tractor series, specifically designed to move semi-trailers in distribution centres, port terminals, airports and industrial companies.

The new Terberg YT series consists of several variants of the Terberg YT 193/YT 223 (diesel Stage V certified) and the full electric Terberg YT 203 EV variant with the latest high efficiency EV technology, offering the same performance as the diesel versions. The innovative Terberg machines can even use hydrogen as fuel.

Terberg with an extra layer

The new Terberg YT allows N.C. Nielsen to offer even more solutions in the Heavy Duty sector:

 “We are talking here about the pinnacle of terminal tractors. Terberg has added an extra layer of everything, creating a robust, reliable and comfortable terminal tractor of the highest quality. It represents a high level of technical quality with a range of simple, powerful and long lasting features. We look forward to our clients being able to enjoy all these new features and innovations,” says Sales Manager Jørgen Peter Lund from N.C. Nielsen.

The Terberg YT has been developed with a robust, hot-dip galvanised and fully tested chassis that can withstand corrosion from wind, weather and salty driving conditions. It can handle a maximum 5th wheel load of 36 tonnes. The fifth wheel on the Terberg terminal tractor can be adjusted hydraulically up and down to the desired coupling or uncoupling height between tractor and trailer.

Improved driver comfort

Of course, Terberg has also listened to the wishes of the machine drivers who spend many hours working behind the wheel. These have been taken into account to improve driver comfort in the form of a unique cabin suspension, plenty of room for accessories and storage, robust mirror arms, ergonomically designed control panel and an efficient heater to prevent fogging on windows.

Easy to service

At the same time, Terberg YT is designed to give service engineers quick and easy access to the mechanical and electronic components. For example, the entire dashboard can be removed or refitted in just a few minutes. Covers, bumpers and windows can similarly be easily replaced if damaged. The efficient design saves time and reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Lots of optional equipment

The new Terberg YT series is also increasing the opportunities for optional equipment and accessories:

 “The flexible Terberg YT concept provides plenty of opportunities to choose optional equipment and customise the terminal tractor for specific transport tasks. We offer a wide range of optional equipment such as extra hydraulics, lighting, air outlets and drawbars – just to name a few of the options. Terberg YT has given us the best foundation to offer an individually customised Yard Tractor for our clients,” says Sales Manager Jørgen Peter Lund from N.C. Nielsen.

Want to know more?

Contact sales manager Jørgen Peter Lund from N.C. Nielsen for further information.