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Press releases N.C. Nielsen now launches a new form of terminal tractor, the specially developed Terberg DT-series (distribution tractor). With a low boarding height, wide panorama vision from the driver’s cab and improved driver’s comfort, the Terberg DT-series sets new standards when moving trailers in busy freight terminals, central warehouses and distribution centres.

Managing the internal logistics in the terminals has become a significant competitive advantage. A continuous flow of trucks arrives in the terminals to deliver a trailer at a gate and subsequently connects to other trailers to continue their route. The new Terberg DT is introduced as a hard-working “removal van” which moves trailers quickly, safely and efficiently, to place them on the right spot.

Lying low

With its low boarding height and a cabin floor which is located only half a metre above the driving area, Terberg DT is suitable for busy trailer traffic:

On busy working days, it is important that the driver from the low cabin is placed at eye level with other drivers and pedestrians in the terminal. This reduces the risk of collision and other accidents. The driver has full visibility to the stool. This is an advantage when connecting a trailer. The driver can step out on both sides and take one single step down to mount cables and hoses between the terminal tractor and the trailer. This is ergonomically sound for the driver, states product manager Bo Nørgaard from N.C. Nielsen.

Maximum driver’s comfort

At the same time, the developers of Terberg DT has focused on driver’s comfort in the cabin. The cabin has become more spacious. The noise level and the vibrations have been reduced, and the new air condition system provides a good internal environment for the driver. Both the pneumatically suspended driver’s seat, the steering wheel and the control panels can be ergonomically adjusted to each driver specifically.

– The driver’s comfort is often a criterion when investing in terminal tractors. Terberg is particularly aware of this and had been a market leader for years in this area. Terberg DT is no exception, with a range of comfortable features and functions that should make the working life more comfortable, explains product manager Bo Nørgaard from N.C. Nielsen.

Højt sikkerhedsniveauHigh security level

As all other Terberg machines, Terberg DT has been developed with a high security level, in compliance with the strictest EU-rules. The construction of the cabin on a Terberg DT is secured to avoid rolling over (ROPS – Roll Over Protective Structure). Its roof protects against falling objects.  (FOPS – Falling Object Protective Structure). Combined with other security measures such as the panorama vision, this makes Terberg DT a safe workplace for the driver.

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