Case There is intense activity at the Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Sæby. A steady stream of pork has to be shipped around the world and N.C. Nielsen has therefore delivered another Terberg YT 222 terminal tractor that can move semi-trailers in the slaughterhouse’s busy dispatch area. The new Terberg YT 222 was delivered in just three weeks and now forms a pair with a corresponding six-year old terminal tractor.

The brand new Terberg YT 222 has been adapted to the handling process at Danish Crown. N.C. Nielsen rebuilt the terminal tractor with a low section at the rear and a manufactured rear mudguard to match the slaughterhouse’s own turning system. This means that the terminal tractor can move semi-trailers to the loading ramps and leave them standing and, after loading, move the trailers on to a nearby pick-up area.

The terminal tractors at Danish Crown serve 15 loading ramps. From early morning to late evening, they are in full swing moving trailers in the factory area and on public roads between departments. The slaughterhouse in Sæby produces 18,000 hams every day, which are driven directly into the waiting refrigerated trailers. These are then transported to cold stores in Denmark and abroad and many trailers are taken to the container terminal in Aarhus for shipping.

“We have good experience with our Terberg terminal tractors. We got our first terminal tractor six years ago. It’s been running smoothly and with no breakdowns all this time. So it was easy to choose the same again. We have had a really good dialogue with N.C. Nielsen and the workshop in Balling was able to rebuild and deliver the new Terberg terminal tractor in only three weeks. That is quite impressive,” says Foreman Ole Aaberg from Danish Crown in Sæby.

The two Terberg terminal tractors at Danish Crown are operated on a rota system by five experienced drivers who also drive forklifts at the slaughterhouse. As part of the process, the drivers were on a company visit to N.C. Nielsen in Balling to test the new Terberg YT 222 terminal tractor, customise technical features and be shown the latest functions on the terminal tractor.

“I would like to highlight the high level of comfort in a Terberg Terminal tractor. Having to spend many hours behind the wheel, it’s essential to have a comfortable working environment inside the cabin. Our drivers can enjoy the pre-heating, air conditioning, adjustable driver’s seat, ergonomic instruments, mirrors and good visibility to all sides. Together, this kind of thing makes a difference on a busy working day,” says Foreman Ole Aaberg from Danish Crown. 

N.C. Nielsen is pleased to be able to help Danish Crown with a customised solution in a relatively short time:

“At Danish Crown they were very aware of what they wanted. Technically, the task was well defined as the terminal tractor had to very precisely match the existing turning system at the slaughterhouse. By lowering the rear section, selecting the right tyre type and installing a special rear mudguard, we could meet the right ground clearance for the terminal tractor. We are pleased to have found an optimal solution that contributes to the flexible internal transport of semi-trailers,” says Sales Manager Jørgen Peter Lund from N.C. Nielsen.

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