Case Uddevalla Hamnterminal in Sweden, the port of Uddevalla, has recently received a powerful addition to its lift machinery with Sweden’s largest reach stacker, supplied by N.C. Nielsen. A real powerhouse that can handle a massive 100 tonnes in one lift, twice as much as the port’s previous machine. A capacity that will come in very handy when handling very heavy project goods in the form of wind turbines, for example.

Uddevalla Port is one of Sweden’s hubs for heavy project goods and the port really needed additional lifting power that was also flexible. Discussions had been ongoing for some time with N.C. Nielsen to determine the most optimal capacity required for the port’s activities. Eventually they decided on the NCN 100T reach stacker, which can handle a massive 100 tonnes in one lift and is a modified Konecranes with a net weight of just over 79 tonnes.

“Wind turbines are only getting bigger and bigger and we needed a machine that was both powerful and flexible,” says Robert Rydén, Project & Operations Manager at Uddevalla Port. “We previously had a reach stacker from N.C. Nielsen that handled 65 tonnes in one lift, but we need a bit more. In 2020 alone, we will be handling 67 complete turbines that will be unloaded in the port, then loading 176 tower sections on 31 different occasions onto smaller vessels here in the port. A single tower section can weigh up to 95 tonnes and a nacelle, with the generator on top, the same amount. We will now be able to handle the nacelle with one single lift of our new machine,” says Robert.

“In addition to wind turbines, we handle house modules, paper, vehicles, chrome ore, magnesium chloride, chemical fertilizer and much more,” says Robert Rydén. N.C. Nielsen is very knowledgeable in the heavy handling sector and they have been collaborating with us since 2010, closely monitoring our development and lifting needs,” concludes Robert.

“Even the really heavy lifts should be easy to handle”

A central philosophy at N. C. Nielsen, which develops innovative and powerful reach stackers for customers worldwide. The company’s many years of expertise in heavy goods lifting are constantly raising the bar when it comes to lift capacity, manoeuvrability, operator comfort, flexibility and technical performance.

“Our range of heavy handling reach stackers currently goes from 85 to 152 tonnes in respect of lift capacity,” says Per Löthner, Area Manager Sweden at N.C. Nielsen AB. “We are constantly developing unique solutions to meet our customers’ needs, both now and in the future.”

“The machine that is being delivered to Uddevalla Port is a successful example of how we work with the customer in the long term to produce good solutions. And when we have delivered the customized machine, that’s when the long-term work begins,” concludes Per.

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