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Press releases Right now, N.C. Nielsen is experiencing great demand for solutions for heavy goods and complicated transports on industrial facilities, constructions sites, harbours and public roads. For example, the windmill industry is continuously looking for new, innovative and cost-effective solutions for heavy-duty transport – and N.C. Nielsen is ready to meet this need.


N.C. Nielsen has entered into a partnership with the international TII Group which has been a global market leader in heavy-duty solutions for decades. N.C. Nielsen is now able to deliver the German Scheuerle and the French Nicolas SPMT-trailers which are built as self-propelled modular trailers for moving anything from ships and bridge sections to heavy nacelles weighing several tons.


N.C. Nielsen has rented out its first SPMT-trailer. The self-propelled trailer is composed of modules which can carry up to 400 tons. The number of modular axles will be adjusted to the individual task, and the axles can turn 180 degrees. A forceful Power Pack ensures the traction, and the trailer is controlled by a walking operator with a handheld remote control with a joystick. This gives full visibility in the handling process.

– We see positive future prospects for the SPMT-trailers from Scheuerle and Nicolas. In practical terms, they make heavy-duty lifting easier, as the trailers can be composed flexibly for the specific transportation tasks. Exactly these trailers have set the global standards for heavy-duty transports for years, and we look forward to proposing them to even more clients in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia, states product manager Bo Nørgaard from N.C. Nielsen A/S.


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