Case N.C. Nielsen has delivered a slightly used Linde H35D/393 forklift to Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik. The truck is the newest addition to the company’s Linde fleet that counts seven different trucks and stackers for internal transport by now. The slightly used Linde truck only had a couple of thousands operating hours on it, and this makes economic sense to the sawmill.

The sawmill in Feldborg is surrounded by a coniferous forest and receives lumber from plantations in a radius of max. 150 km. The raw wood is cut, processed and assembled into wood packaging and pallets that are taken to a number of Danish companies, and the wood is fully used with residual products such as chips and sawdust.

The flow of raw wood, materials and finished wood products creates a large, internal transport need. The sawmill has just expanded its area with a 2,300 m2 modern and ventilated finished goods warehouse where lorries with trailers pick up tons of pallets and other wood products every day. The Linde truck fleet is busy from morning to night with its loads of wood at a combined site area of 30,000 square metres of which buildings cover more than 9,000 square metres.    



Good experience with Linde

The choice of a slightly used Linde forklift was taken based on the sawmill’s experience with the existing Linde machines:

 - We chose a slightly used Linde forklift as we were able to get it at a fair price. We already knew the Linde brand well and know that it’s the best on the market. Choosing to buy a used Linde model from 2015 with only 2,500 operating hours on it was therefore easy. It goes all over the company and basically requires no maintenance, says Jon Thomsen, Plant Manager, Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik.

Lifts twice as much

The used Linde H35D/393 forklift was delivered with a double pallet attachment so that the truck can drive with two pallet stacks at a time - even different pallet types. Of 38,000 cubic metres raw wood, the sawmill produces i.a. 400,000 industrial pallets and 3,000 potato crates a year, so there is a lot of work to be done for all Linde machines in the now upgraded truck fleet.

Truck drivers at Feldborg Savværk spend many hours behind the wheel each day, and cabin comfort is therefore important when choosing a forklift:

- Linde trucks have an extra layer when it comes to comfort in the cabin. It is a result of good instrumentation, good visibility from the driver's position, efficient air conditioning and a suspended seat. It all makes driving the truck a little more comfortable during a work week, not least in the changing weather conditions that we experience when being outside year round, says Jon Thomsen, Plant Manager, Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik.

N.C. Nielsen has Scandinavia’s largest selection of used machines within all categories.
Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik found the used Linde forklift in that large selection:

- We are happy that our customers choose the solutions that create value for them, be it brand-new or used machines. We had a constructive dialogue with Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik. To begin with, they leased the truck for a trial period. After some minor adjustments and an extension of the forks, they chose to buy the used Linde truck. So we found a good solution for the sawmill, says Simon Dige Søndergaard, District Manager, N.C. Nielsen

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