Case Posten and Bring are one of Norway’s largest companies. The large postal and logistics group has seen the benefits of the terminal tractor Terberg BC182, which is now operating around several of the Group’s Norwegian terminals.

Posten and Bring Norway operate in a low margin industry and the country’s geography and population density make logistics an expensive business. Investment must be made in efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly technology, and this is where the new Terberg BC182 comes into the picture. Posten and Bring have chosen to insource terminal driving and now their own drivers operate the machines after being retrained.

The Terberg BC182 is a 3-in-1 terminal tractor that ensures the flexibility required for distribution centres and port terminals. It comes with rear wheel drive and a powerful Mercedes engine with intercooler. Posten and Bring Norway had the Terberg BC182 delivered with a lifting frame for containers, 5th wheel for semi-trailers and a standard trailer hitch for heavy goods vehicles. (This is standard on a BC).

The solution for Posten and Bring Norway makes it possible to handle almost all common containers and trailers and to use the machines immediately, where the need is greatest. The terminals in Drammen close to Oslo and in Kristiansand on the south coast have each received their own brand new Terberg BC182 terminal tractor.

“The Terberg machines have been great. We haven’t had any downtime on the engine we’ve been running here. But if anything happens, it is important for us to have a permanent engineer that is easy to get hold of. One that we know well and who knows us. This was also a key factor in our choice of machine brand,” says Terminal Manager Caj Holm from the Posten and Bring terminal in Drammen.

The terminal in Kristiansand operates around the clock. The new Terberg BC182 will be used for the entire production line and will transport everything from cabinets and containers to trucks and semi-trailers. All machines are supplied with a remote controlled trailer hitch and bright lights for dark evenings and nights. In addition, Terberg terminal tractors offer a green and sustainable perspective that also played a role in selecting the new machines:

“Norway’s goal of achieving zero transport emissions means that we are also very curious about what Terberg will be able to offer in the future with regard to emission free solutions. At Posten, we are constantly looking for the best solutions for transporting electric and hydrogen powered machines,” says Fleet Manager Kjell Arne Vik from the terminal in Kristiansand.

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