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Case N.C. Nielsen has just supplied new port equipment to Aarhus Logistics Center (ALC), which can now serve its clients even better when it comes to oversized goods. The special equipment is known as an Overheight Frame (OHF), a semi-automatic, long-legged attachment mounted on a Konecranes reach stacker that locks into a flatrack to handle the lashed down cargo.

Aarhus Logistics Center is experiencing an increasing volume of goods in sizes that do not fit standard containers. Such goods require special treatment when they are loaded or unloaded from the ships in the country’s largest container port. It’s all done in close collaboration between the reach stacker, Overheight Frame, flatrack and the huge port cranes that lift the cargo from or to the ship.

Aarhus Logistics Center serves several shipping clients who, for example, have to sail special goods to Iceland or the other Nordic countries. As a port operator, ALC must be able to handle very different tasks. They have therefore built a comprehensive setup with stevedoring, bulk handling, project cargo, RO/RO with semi-trailers and 50,000 square metres of warehousing and storage, where containers are packed, among other things.

“Our tasks are very wide ranging. This places great demands on the right special equipment. Together with N.C. Nielsen, we has found a fast, flexible and safe solution for oversized goods. It’s become easier and safer to handle this type of cargo, as the driver of the reach stacker stays in the cabin throughout the operation,” says Manager Bent Svit from Aarhus Logistics Center.

Handling height and weight

The new OHF has a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes and a clearance of 2.7 metres. Coupled with the reach stacker’s twistlocks, the OHF is raised up to height and the legs are positioned in twistlocks on the corresponding flatrack. The legs are positioned mechanically and when the locks in the flatrack’s twistlocks are rotated, the driver receives a manual signal that the OHF is correctly coupled and can then be driven off with the cargo.

In the past, this operation was more difficult. Back then, Aarhus Logistics Center had to install a spreader on the reach stacker to lift the load with chains. On board the ship, the cargo then had to be secured manually by dock workers. This is no longer necessary, as the reach stacker, Overheight Frame, flatrack and the port crane can handle it all in one cohesive operation.

“N.C. Nielsen has helped us optimise our internal transport of oversized goods – both in terms of handling, economy and safety. We received the full package of professional advice, good documentation, on-time delivery and not least, a well defined service agreement. This bodes well for the future, as we will definitely be ordering more special equipment,” says Manager Bent Svit from Aarhus Logistics Center.

Focus on Heavy Duty

N.C. Nielsen has an internal Heavy Duty department, which among other things focuses on special solutions at the heavy end of the scale. N.C. Nielsen has been a dealer for Terberg terminal tractors and Konecranes machines for many years, as well as specialist Heavy Duty products for customers that include port operators, wind turbine manufacturers, distribution centres and logistics companies.

“We are seeing a trend towards further specialisation in the Heavy Duty sector. We are gradually expanding our collaboration with subcontractors and are also currently expanding our workshop facilities in Balling to supply customised transport solutions that create real added value in companies. We are very pleased with the new solution at the Aarhus Logistics Center, who we have a close collaboration with on several fronts,” says Sales Manager Jørgen Peter Lund from N.C. Nielsen. 

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