Case N.C. Nielsen has just delivered 12 brand new Linde forklifts to Petersen Tegl, located in the scenic area near Nybøl Nor cove in southern Jutland. With the new machines, Petersen Tegl has now built up a complete truck fleet of 38 Linde machines, all contributing to the continued momentum of this reputable company.

Petersen Tegl consists of three brickworks all situated close to each other. The brickworks were founded in 1791 and has since been run uninterrupted by the same family. Every year they manufacture approximately 18 million bricks for 47 countries worldwide, and are one of the few brickworks in the world where the bricks are fired with coal. In addition, the company manufactures handmade bricks and bricks made for special tasks with architects and builders.

The global demand for Petersen Tegl products has put extra wind in the sails of the southern Jutland company, which is literally expanding brick by brick. These favourable times have led to an increasing demand for vehicles, with many Linde trucks contributing to internal transport in the huge outdoor areas and in the halls, comprising more than 44,000 square metres all under cover.

“We chose Linde forklifts from N.C. Nielsen, because we want our truck drivers to have the best product on the market. We have good experience with Linde trucks, which work perfectly on a busy working day. They are subjected to heavy loads here at the brickworks. It is therefore essential that our trucks are robust, tough and well functioning, so we can maintain continuous operation throughout our company,” says co-owner Christian A. Petersen from Petersen Tegl.

Focus on job satisfaction

For Christian A. Petersen, it is particularly important to have a good atmosphere among the company’s 160 employees. According to Christian A. Petersen, a good atmosphere, team spirit and job satisfaction are closely related to the physical working conditions, organisation of work and, not least, the various items of quality equipment necessary to carry out the work:

“I often point out that our development department consists of all 160 employees. This is because we are good at communicating at eye level, expressing suggestions for improvements and wanting new and innovative equipment. This also applies, of course, to forklifts, where our drivers have clearly identified the Linde brand as the one that creates the highest efficiency and job satisfaction in our working day,” says Christian A. Petersen.

As a result, Petersen Tegl has chosen to acquire the new Linde forklifts. The order consists of eight Linde H35D/393 diesel forklift trucks, two Linde H25/392 LPG forklift trucks, one Linde H35T/393 LPG forklift truck and one Linde H40D/394 diesel forklift truck. They are intended to serve as general purpose trucks, unloading pallets of bricks, moving finished bricks into outdoor storage, loading heavy goods vehicles with bricks and transporting prepared bricks for firing in the huge furnaces.

N.C. Nielsen welcomes the order from Petersen Tegl and will supply a number of Linde trucks to the southern Jutland brickworks:

“We are happy that Petersen Tegl appreciates the Linde trucks so much. They already have good experience of the brand so it was natural to choose it again. The brickworks require maximum uptime from the trucks, that they can handle the many heavy lifting and handling tasks and that employees have very good working conditions inside the driver’s cabin. We feel proud to have delivered a good solution that meets the requirements set by the customer,” says Sales Director Allan Christensen from N.C. Nielsen.

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