Case N.C. Nielsen’s new product launches in the spring of 2024 will resemble a great display of fireworks. There will be regularly launches of new, innovative, and surprising solutions to future, internal logistical challenges. A powerful example is the new NCN JX0 for frequent picking tasks on the first and second shelves.

The NCN JX0 order picker was specifically developed for narrow aisles and passages where a versatile, manoeuvrable and safe picker is necessary. The compact order picker is therefore the obvious choice for e.g. DIY centres, retail stores, workshops, carriers or for easy maintenance tasks.

An ideal picking height of up to 4.6 metres from a raised platform at 3.0 metres makes the NCN JX0 the ideal assistant when picking small goods at a swift pace at various heights. The compact design, built-in safety and the low turning radius make the picker extremely useful at the VNA warehouse, in low aisles and in store areas with access to customers.

 - I’m confident that the NCN JX0 will be a popular choice. It covers a specific need for picking tasks with no pallet and contains flexible possibilities for very efficient, safe, and quick goods transport. Despite its compact size, it has been developed with lots of technical features that maintain a high safety level on a busy day, says Jesper Bech, sales manager at N.C. Nielsen.


To all appearances, the NCN JX0 will set a new, technical standard in the category. It has been developed with a boarding height of only 275 mm, runs op to 6.5 km/h and combined lifts up to 190 kg with no difficulty at all. With a length of 1.4 metres and a width of 75 cm, it is dimensioned for places where an order picker of this stamp is not usually a possibility.

Safety has always been Linde's top priority, and the NCN JX0 is no exception. The new Linde picker has sensors for hands and feet, locked guards/doors while driving, built-in blue warning light in the chassis, various warning sounds and adapted speed according to the current overall weight - to mention only a few of the many safety features.

- Picking of goods is very much about accuracy, speed, and safety. These three aspects are represented in the new NCN JX0 picker that will definitely win on combined performance. We have great expectations to this new product which I’m very excited to present, says sales manager Jesper Bech, sales manager at N.C. Nielsen.


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