N.C. Nielsen has developed Denmark’s largest and most powerful Lithium-ION battery ever for a forklift. The proprietary battery is housed in a specially adapted Linde E80-900/1279 electric truck at the furniture manufacturer Tvilum in Fårvang. The truck moves pallets loaded with tonnes of chipboard at the central Jutland furniture company, which focuses on CO2 neutral and sustainable internal logistics.

The Linde E80-900/1279 is a heavyweight electric truck with a lifting capacity of up to 10 tonnes. The truck is an environmentally friendly and quiet alternative to the traditional diesel forklift trucks at the heavy end of the scale. The Tvilum model has an extended chassis to make room for the heavy Lithium-ION battery weighing 2,900 kg and the increased counterweight on the entire truck.

The new bundle of muscles at Tvilum A/S operates around the clock in the company’s raw materials halls. The main task of the truck is to empty HGV trailers, move the heavy chipboard into temporary storage and to feed a conveyor belt with the huge boards that transfer them for further processing in the production department. There will be several thousand boards per day and, of course, this is an important part of the whole production process.

“We have a goal of zero emissions in internal logistics. This is where the new Linde electric truck with a Lithium-ION battery comes into the picture with its strong features. It operates with great precision and lifting capacity and is an environmentally friendly benefit. In addition, it is flexible with regard to our form of operation, where the truck quickly recharges during breaks. Our drivers are happy with the electric truck, as it offers driving pleasure and good cabin comfort,” says Asset Care Manager Søren Jørgensen from Tvilum.

At Tvilum A/S it has been calculated that the Lithium-ION solution can save the company about 170,000 kWh in annual consumption, which in round figures equates to DKK 100,000. For Tvilum, it was also crucial to have a green and sustainable truck solution that is also extremely reliable and operates at maximum uptime around the clock.

“We depend on reliable, robust and long lasting trucks. We expect a minimum service life of 15 years with the Linde E80-900/1279 electric truck. We base this on our many years of experience with the other Linde truck fleet in our company. We have also made a workshop available to N.C. Nielsen’s service engineer, so there is always a competent mechanic nearby if needed,” says Asset Care Manager Søren Jørgensen from Tvilum.

N.C. Nielsen is tracking a technological trend, where Lithium-ION batteries are becoming more and more powerful, high performing and custom designed:

“There is a lot of development and analysis work behind this Linde electric truck. We are building on a well-known technology and have designed the Lithium-ION battery specifically for the purpose with a capacity of 80 volts and 700 amps. The compact battery is embedded in a lined iron box in the chassis and is the heart of the truck. We are pleased to have developed a good solution that matches Tvilum’s desire for green technology and strong lifting requirements,” says Technical Director Per T. Nielsen from N.C. Nielsen.

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