Case N.C. Nielsen can now present the new counterbalance truck, the Linde H20-H35/1202, to the Danish market. Moland Gruppen in Skive, which has been a customer of N.C. Nielsen for many years, has been testing the new counterbalance trucks in order to provide an overall assessment of the truck’s characteristics in practice. The truck definitely lived up to its expectations.

The fleet at Moland Gruppen already numbers 15 Linde machines, consisting of different forklifts, pallet stackers and reach trucks. Each one is being used for transporting valuable construction materials to and from the awaiting lorries, picking goods in the departments in the 20,000-square-metre storage facility and for acting as effective assistants when a freighter is waiting to unload its cargo of Siberian larch or Spanish plasterboards by the quayside.

Moland Gruppen is bustling with activity, and a spring with many DIY-hungry Danes left sitting at home has resulted in great demand for construction materials from the DIY centres – including flooring, ceiling panels, façade materials, the steel product range from Moland Byggevarer A/S, composite materials and larch from Wimex ApS, as well as deliveries to the Swedish associated company Moland Byggvaror AB, which has a 5,000-square-metre warehouse at its disposal.

New Linde technology

The busy internal transport requires a fleet of customised Linde trucks. Linde has always been the preferred truck brand at Moland Gruppen, where they regularly keep track of new developments at Linde and are happy to invest in the latest truck technology:

“We have been looking forward to testing the new Linde H20-H35/1202. We are very interested in new technology that can improve internal transport here at the company. We have very positive prior experience with Linde, and we know that they often surprise us with their innovations. It is always exciting to keep track of what is happening on the Linde front, and the new Linde H20-H35/1202 is no exception,” says warehouse manager Allan Sørensen from Moland Gruppen in Skive.

Improved driving experience

The Linde H20-H35/1202 is the latest entry into the Linde tribe. It is a Linde counterbalance truck that is designed based on the ideal notion of what a forklift should be. At Moland Gruppen, there is no doubt that this new Linde truck stands out in certain key areas:

“The new truck offers a broader view from the drivers seat and a significantly different level of comfort. There is less noise in the cabin than before, the armrest and joystick can be adjusted to match the driver’s specific needs, and it is now easier to board. The truck also offers some exciting digital options, is equipped with a charging plug for cell phones and can be connected to fleet management. All in all, the Linde truck offers an improved driving experience for our drivers,” states warehouse manager Allan Sørensen from Moland Gruppen in Skive.

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