Case Six new and durable terminal tractors handle much of the container transport at the Port of Oslo. ‘The work days of the operators and the machines are long and demanding, so it is very important to invest in good quality,’ says Lars-Martin Vikor, the day-to-day manager of Maritime Truck AS, about the acquisition of the Terberg tractors.

A significant share of the import to the south-eastern part of Norway passes through the Port of Oslo, and even though COVID-19 has resulted in a downturn in the individual industries, the activity at the port is higher than ever.

‘The handling of container cargo hit a record high in August. Maritime Truck AS is responsible for all containers being moved from ships to the storage facility, which involves hauling loads of up to 60 tonnes. The terminal tractors are exposed to high loads and have to be replaced on average every five years,’ explains Lars-Martin Vikor.

Goes the extra mile

Towards the end of the previous year, N.C. Nielsen AS delivered nine new Terberg machines to Maritime Truck. Six of these run for Ylliport, which operates the Port of Oslo, while three handle the terminal service for PostNord.

‘Terberg has been Maritime Truck AS’ first choice for years, and the company finds that N.C. Nielsen goes the extra mile to ensure a fruitful collaboration. In order to get the contract with PostNord, we had to bid with machines we did not have. N.C. Nielsen acquired these in a record 3 weeks,’ says Vikor.

Emission-free port

The new leasing agreement for the Terberg machines was drawn up five years ago. By 2025, the Port of Oslo also needs to be emission-free, and Lars-Martin Vikor believes that this period will be the last with fossil fuels.

‘We expect Terberg to have emission-free alternatives for our segment of the market before 2025, when the new tractors will be retired. The quality of the machines and N.C. Nielsen’s professional follow-up is crucial for us as a serious supplier of services and manpower. The Terberg tractors are reliable and offer a good environment for the driver, which is a requirement for stable, effective and professional handling of terminal services,’ according to Vikor.

Seven of Maritime Truck’s new machines are pure terminal tractors, which are solidly built with all-welded frames, lock-up gearboxes, double-action hydraulics and excellent driver comfort, with automatic, fully reversible driver positions. The machines are equipped with stage-5 engines, which meet the latest market emission requirements.

Terberg is designed for optimal reliability, comfort and overall economy for the users.

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