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Case N.C. Nielsen delivered two brand-new Linde E16 electric trucks to Asiros Nordic in Sorø. The two forklifts with turning attachments are genuine all-round machines ensuring internal transport at the busy company where an intense fragrance of berries, fruits, ginger and elder flower is an essential ingredient of the working environment.

Asiros Nordic is a Danish “farm to finish” business that produces conventional as well as organic products of nature’s own produce. The factory in Sorø produces juice, concentrate, extracts and powder that turn into ginger shots ready to drink, fruit juice and aromatic berry powder which other processing companies in Denmark and abroad can use.

Based on the company's “Just in time” philosophy, Asiros Nordic’s production plant keeps running round the clock on all business days - and often at weekends. Delivering on time and maintaining a fixed supply chain is important - from the growers through the relatively brief production process to the customers, importance is attached to high product quality, health properties and a reasonable price point.

Asiros Nordic co-operates closely with its customers. Recipes are developed for new products that match the end consumers’ taste in countries throughout the world. Classic products are therefore produced for the world market using ginger, elder flower and blueberries, but also new health variants such as beetroot or kale juice are part of the development work.


Linde is everywhere

For the numerous, internal transport tasks, Asiros Nordic chose N.C. Nielsen to be their permanent business partner for many years. The latest acquisition is an updated truck fleet where two brand-new Linde E16 electric trucks replaced three exhausted forklifts from previously with an existing turning attachment fitted on one of the trucks.

- We chose N.C. Nielsen and the Linde brand because it's known for a high, technical quality, stability and driver comfort. We use every square metre of the business and constantly manage many transports. Our Linde electric trucks operate with drums, boxes and IBC containers - and also switch between the cold environment at the cold store and the humid environment at our production hall, says Lars Lykke Steensen, Production Manager, Asiros Nordic A/S.

Unloads with an attachment

The two Linde E16 electric trucks are a natural part of the company when moving various pallets, boxes and materials around. One of them has a turning attachment fitted onto it so that a large container with berries or fruits can be lifted up, and the valuable cargo is unloaded into the presser for further processing. The trucks firmly grabs the container, empties it of produce and lowers it again before the container is cleaned.

The trucks also drive a set rout in and out of the frozen store where produce is stored for a brief period before being processed. The Linde electric trucks carry packaging to the bottlery, finished products for collection and are also used for any housekeeping which is primarily a matter of keeping the indoor driving areas free of pallets, containers, boxes and the like.

The Linde electric trucks are basically operating all the time. They are well put together and can go anywhere and tolerate moisture, heat, cold and other external influences. We also benefit from the service engineer from N.C. Nielsen who can be called out at short notice. However, we have yet to see unexpected breakdowns, and I find that Linde's electric trucks operate quite well, says Lars Lykke Steensen, Production Manager, Asiros Nordic A/S.

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