Case Handling corrosion-proof steel elements takes a powerful forklift. DOT therefore chose to continue its long-standing collaboration with N.C. Nielsen which recently delivered 42 different Linde machines to the five Danish factories in the DOT group. The agreement applies to new as well as renovated, used Linde machines.

Since 1984, DOT has developed into a leading supplier of finishing at the Nordic market. In addition to factories in Fasterholt, Vildbjerg, Stilling, Ferritslev and Køge, the DOT group owns two Swedish factories. As much as 515 DOT employees work every day to deliver finished elements to Danish, Swedish and North German industrial customers.

Logistics is a keyword to DOT. This is the case in relation to the many transports of elements to the customers, but very much also in relation to the internal transport at the enormous plants. A large fleet of Linde machines manages the task, and the DOT truck fleet counts a wide range of robust Linde electric trucks with lifting capacities of between 1.6 and 10.0 tonnes.

- We have renegotiated our agreement with N.C. Nielsen as we would like to streamline internal logistics even more. We have cooperated for many years and were among the first in Denmark to choose a Linde electric truck at the heavy end of the scale. We think along the lines of large-scale operations and need robust, reliable and safe forklifts which can withstand a high level of wear and tear, says Lars Amby, Plant Manager, DOT in Fasterholt.

The DOT factory in Fasterholt, which also houses the headquarters, operates around the clock. Elements are picked up, delivered in the reception department, receives corrosion treatment and are quality-assured and in most cases delivered within 48 hours. The quick process requires a lot of planning, proper staffing and an updated truck fleet to keep the production process running:

- We need 100% uptime to be competitive. Our forklifts are very important tools. For example, a dedicated Linde forklift works as a “third man” for each of the suspension locations in the production. The machines are exposed to a little of everything when the elements are finished and moved, but Linde handles it all very well, says Lars Amby, Plant Manager, DOT.

High-quality service

Speaking of wear and tear, DOT chose a service agreement with N.C. Nielsen with a permanent service engineer at the factories in Fasterholt and Vildbjerg - and with on-call service at the other Danish production plants.

DOT operates with a high degree of service to its customers, and service is therefore crucial in internal transport.

- We really like N.C. Nielsen's service engineer who has come here for many years and has practically become part of the staff. He is truly solution-oriented and great at offering suggestions for improvement and ideas to new truck technology. We received the Linde Connect software, so we can collect and analyse relevant operating data and dedicate specific forklifts to specific suspension locations, says Lars Amby, Plant Manager, DOT.

N.C. Nielsen is still very happy about the collaboration and the possibility to contribute to making the many and diverse transport tasks at DOT effective:

- A truck fleet of 42 Linde units reflects the varied transport tasks at DOT. The many tonnes on the forks cause a very high weight load on the trucks, and it must be possible to quickly readjust them to new tasks. Therefore, Linde offers e.g. forklifts with side shifting, various fork lengths and turning units for cylinder management - all specifically adjusted to each link in DOT’s production process, says Max H. Nielsen from N.C. Nielsen.

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