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Press releases N.C. Nielsen can now present a new generation of Linde counterbalance trucks: Linde H20-H35/1202. Developed from the ground up, the new forklift is fully tested with German thoroughness and takes modern truck technology to the next level – in terms of efficiency, ease of use, safety, stability and versatility.

Visibility in the new Linde forklift has been greatly improved. The German engineers have succeeded in finding the right balance between chassis, cabin and mast design, so the truck driver has the best possible view of the load and the working area from the truck. The sum of the many design improvements and numerous warning and assist systems means a much safer driving experience.

Another new feature in the Linde 1202 series is the improved visibility of information. The truck can be connected directly to the company’s fleet management system, giving the truck driver all the relevant information needed to perform their tasks, e.g. data regarding lifting height, tilt angle or truck status. The level of transparency has increased for truck drivers and fleet managers.

Cabin comfort has also been improved. The height and width of the cabin compartment itself has been expanded, as well as greater leg room, among other things. A lower front plate, panoramic view through the reinforced glass in the roof, glass doors in the cabin and clear panels with ergonomic features help increase overall driver comfort in the truck.

Visibility equals safety. Linde H20-H35/1202 is supplied as standard with both Linde Curve Assist, which slows your speed when cornering and Linde Load Assist, which automatically intervenes in case of overloading or if the load is too far forward on the forks. It also offers Linde Safety Guard is offered, where trucks and pedestrians are warned if they enter the same safety zone – and truck speed is automatically reduced.

“Improved visibility gives you more control. And more control means fewer industrial accidents. With the new Linde 1202 counterbalance truck, visibility is significantly improved throughout the truck. This provides a completely new experience for the truck driver, offering the best possible conditions for a busy working day. Visibility is all about seeing – and being seen. This is very much what the truck is all about,” says Sales Director Allan Christensen from N.C. Nielsen.

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