N.C. Nielsen can now present a new product from Linde: the newly-developed Linde E10 counterbalance truck. The versatile electric truck is the smallest model in its class. The small wheel base, the compact design which is only 828 mm wide and a new steering concept make the truck the perfect choice when space is limited.

Despite of the size, Linde E10 can safely manoeuvre, carrying a load of up to 1,000 kg. It has been developed with a standard speed reduction when cornering, a low boarding height of only 120 mm, narrow mast profiles and a robust frame with an option of reinforced glass in the roof. A higher security level is obtained with warning lights LindeSpot or Linde TruckSpot (optional).

With a turning radius of only 1.3 m, Linde E10 is easy to operate in the warehouse. The driver’s seat offers great room to manoeuvre, and the padded backrest enables an ergonomically correct working position. The machine is easy to operate with a well-arranged panel, a very low boarding height from both sides and good visibility in all directions.

Linde E10 specifically proves its worth when goods have to moved around in small rooms and narrow aisles. The truck is no wider than a Euro pallet, and it is therefore easy to stack or retrieve pallets, even in very narrow rack aisles. The dimensions and weight of the truck also means that it fits into many lifts and therefore can help transport goods across several storeys.

Linde E10 makes it possible to handle materials at the light end of the scale and to use that specific truck where larger and heavier trucks cannot go. The new Linde truck covers that specific need on the market, and like all other Linde machines, it lives up to the brand promise of efficiency, user-friendliness, safety, reliability and versatility.

- Linde E10 is a good example of Linde's product strategy of meeting every need within modern warehouse logistics. It is perfect for efficient handling of goods up to one tonne in difficult conditions and can therefore supplement an existing truck fleet. We are very excited to present this logistics solution to the Danish market, says Allan Christensen, Sales Manager, N.C. Nielsen.

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